Fans of Mass Effect may remember the work of Christine Schott, the designer who crafted a series of hoodies based on popular characters from the fan-favorite franchise. Schott designed several concepts and, after fan encouragement, submitted them to BioWare to see what they thought of the whole Mass Effect hoodie idea.

As it turns out, BioWare was impressed enough with the designs to give her a call yesterday and start organizing the hoodie production on an official level.

Of course, the designs from Schott are going to be used as a very early concept, and the final products may not end up looking anything like them. It also turns out that Schott won’t be designing the retail versions, but BioWare is willing to compensate her for the initial design concepts:

Chances are my hoodies are nowhere near the final product, afterall I’m no true designer and haven’t got the slightest idea what looks good on clothing and what doesnt. I just conceptualized the idea. they will be redesigning the hoodies, and will sell a few as a trial run, and if it goes well more hoodies will be added I’m sure.

While it’s far too early to guess which hoodies may be included in this early trial run, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that the more prominent characters will feature first, and that an official Shepard design will likely be thrown into the mix. It’s safe to say, though, that Schott certainly left the designers with plenty of base material to work with:

Mass Effect Hoodie Project(Click to Enlarge)

Prices have yet to be announced, but for unique designs like this you can expect to push out a fair amount of money – especially considering the BioWare Store prices. In all likelihood, however, we’re still months away from production. Thankfully, gamers have both the Rebellion DLC and the Extended Cut to keep them occupied this summer.

We’re very excited to see Schott get recognition from BioWare for her great work and are equally jazzed about the opportunity to get our hands on the official versions down the line. We’ll keep you posted when the BioWare designers bring the concept into a reality – and hopefully, retain the great visual flair produced by Schott.

Which of the Mass Effect hoodies will you be buying?

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Source: DeviantArt