Rumor Mill: BioWare To Reveal Multiplayer Mass Effect 3 at VGAs [Updated]

There's been a plethora of theories about BioWare's incoming new game reveal, and with less than day to go, anticipation seems to have met a climax - everybody wants to know what BioWare has up their sleeves.

According to Joystiq, a trustable source has indicated that the trailer is indeed for Mass Effect 3, but our own office hiveminds haven't been able to confirm the same. That said, we posted the likelihood of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer back in May, and it's likely something that BioWare would want to show off with a splash (or, you know, a gritty teaser). Take it as you will, but it's looking more and more likely that we're going to see the reveal of not just Mass Effect 3 tomorrow, but the multiplayer mode for it as well.

[Update: The EA Online Store posted Mass Effect 3 with a price, description and pre-order option before immediately taking it back down.]

[Update 2: The Mass Effect 3 trailer was unveiled at the VGAs but no mention of Multiplayer. Press release with new info comes Monday]

The hints coming from the developer all point to the Mass Effect universe, with several nods to the Vostok system, Aequitas and more (check them out here). Fans of the series have long been wanting a multiplayer aspect to the game, and with BioWare evidently working towards such a goal, we may be in for an amazing ride during the VGAs tomorrow night.

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The teaser shows a soldier wielding what looks like an M29 Incisor Sniper Rifle from Mass Effect.

Even if the upcoming trailer doesn't touch on the multiplayer aspect, signs are still pointing to the Mass Effect universe. Nothing else has been revealed about the successor to the franchise, aside of the obvious fact that all decisions you made in Mass Effect 2 will carry to Mass Effect 3, and the premise of an epic reaper fight closing in on the universe fits in with how gritty the teaser images have been so far.

We'll keep you posted if the 'trusted source' is revealed or if more information comes in before the reveal tomorrow. In the meantime, you can play pretend-multiplayer with your Mass Effect 2 action figures! That's like almost the same thing, but completely different.

Do you think that the rumors are true - will multiplayer be unveiled tomorrow for Mass Effect 3? How do you think the multiplayer will work? BioWare have been mixing the formulas between RPG and shooter since the first game, and it'll be interesting to see how they mesh it up for some good ol' human-on-human action (figuratively, of course - we're open to krogans and whatnot too!).

Source: Joystiq

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