It appears as if Mass Effect 3‘s own writers didn’t have anything to do with the game’s controversial ending. BioWare writer Patrick Weekes, who is known as user Takyris on the Penny Arcade forums, allegedly posted a message depicting in detail the writers’ involvement with the game’s ending.

The author claims that Mass Effect 3‘s ending was written solely by Casey Hudson and lead writer Mac Walters. The two allegedly disregarded any feedback or protests from the rest of the writing team who, according to Weekes, had plenty to say on the matter.

As reported by Gameranx, the post has since been deleted from Penny Arcade’s forums (although the full text appears on page two of this article), and any posts linking back to or quoting the original text have been removed. Naturally, that makes this difficult to confirm. On top of that, BioWare community coordinator Chris Priestly says he spoke to Weekes about the posting. From the BioWare forums:

“So, I saw this and went and asked Patrick about it.
Patrick didn’t write this.
No one is getting banned or anything for posting this, but I want you to know it is not real. Just an imitation.”

However, according to Gameranx, their firsthand source verified that the post undoubtedly originated from Patrick Weekes’ account. That doesn’t mean someone couldn’t have simply used his account to create the posting. That said, the things written don’t sound like the rantings of some fake, but like the criticisms of someone with inside information — of course, that’s up to opinion.

So, was this a disgruntled BioWare writer, venting his frustration and clearing his name from a controversial issue, or was this the result of a clever hacker who used Weekes’ account to stir the pot?

It’s very likely, if the posting were from Weekes himself, that he might have simply regretted what he wrote and thus had it removed. It’s also hard to imagine that BioWare would have been pleased with the message, and so they may have forced Weekes to delete it. Whatever the case, the post has a lot of interesting “behind the scenes” knowledge about what went down after the writers were removed from the equation. There are a lot of personal opinions on the final results, and some insight into what was allegedly supposed to happen.

There are plenty of spoilers, so those who haven’t finished Mass Effect 3 may wish to avert their eyes. For everyone else, it’s worth a read. If this proves true, it might help explain some of the umbrage fans have taken with the ending (some more than others), more specifically the issues dealing with the game’s dramatic shift in quality and theme in its final minutes — which would make sense if the core writers weren’t even involved. Check out what might, or might not, have been said by following this link (thank you, Mwat!) and let us know what you think.

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Source: Gameranx, BioWare Forums

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