Though many gamers might not be familiar with BioWare’s 2005 RPG Jade Empire, they certainly have seen the impact of its development on the likes of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Enveloping the player in a more action-oriented RPG experience complete with NPC interactions and a rich universe, Jade Empire was the type of cult title BioWare fans have been longing to see reemerge during today’s console generation.

While we can’t say that Jade Empire is in development over at BioWare, its co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk acknowledge that the title holds a special place in their hearts. Furthermore, the two would love to revisit the project, but have yet to find the right way to get the ball rolling.

That isn’t to say that BioWare has anything to reveal at this time, they just wanted to let those Jade Empire fans out there know that they are listening.

“We have a lot of different projects now on a lot of different platforms, and you might see some of that [Jade Empire] in the future. You never know…We don’t have anything to announce on it right now, but it is a franchise that’s near and dear to us.”

So, while we might never see a new Jade Empire game, although BioWare concluding the Mass Effect Commander Shepard trilogy may have opened up a spot, it’s good to hear that they were as enamored with the RPG as those who gave it a shot were.

It’s actually kind of surprising that Jade Empire hasn’t become, like Knights of the Old Republic or Dragon Age, an important staple of the developer. It does exude many of the trademark BioWare touches, like fantastic storytelling, character development, and unique combat, but unfortunately the niche idea couldn’t sell a wider group of gamers.

If you do get a chance to check it out, we highly recommend you do, and then, once you fall in love with the first one, you can hope that BioWare’s doctors decide to go forward with a sequel.

Would you be interested in checking out a new Jade Empire title from BioWare? Are there any Jade Empire fans out there who care to share their love for the title?

Source: Eurogamer