BioWare's Gritty Trailer Image Hints at Possible Mass Effect Game

Bioware Teaser Trailer

[Update: This is from the new Mass Effect 3 Trailer unveiled at the 2010 Spike VGAs. Watch here!]

A mysterious yet exciting image from BioWare's newest teaser trailer was released, depicting a dark, gritty and potentially fatal scene. The teaser image is helping drive hype for the publisher's major upcoming game announcement to be revealed at the Spike Video Game Awards this weekend.

In the image, crosshairs are seen from the first-person perspective, aimed at a woman who's reaching out to help a fallen young child. The aesthetic gives the impression that this could potential be taking place in the Mass Effect universe. Mass Effect 3, which has already been revealed to be the end of the story arc, could be what's revealed at the Spike VGAs or it could even be some sort of spin-off game based within that same universe.

The Spike VGAs will be the place where a lot of questions are answered and where a lot of excitement will be generated. From the Murder Your Maker images teased to the exclusive Portal 2 trailer to be shown, this year's awards show will be a must-watch for those who want to stay in the know with what is going on in the video game world. Whether assuming this BioWare image is from the Mass Effect universe or an entirely new franchise remains to be seen. With BioWare's track record, it is safe to assume that gamers will get something to look forward to.

It would be wonderful if fans of the Mass Effect franchise were able to experience the deep and immerse universe in a new way. Bioware could be working on a multiplayer Mass Effect game that could continue the company's shift towards action-shooter elements from the traditional RPG, as was the case in Mass Effect 2. Looking at the image, the woman and the child are wearing futuristic clothing in a war torn setting, where destruction can be seen all around. The scene is consistent enough with the visuals seen in Mass Effect games. Also, with the escalation of the threats in that universe, it could be a window into what gamers may experience whenever their Commander Shepard is once again called into duty.

At this point, everything is speculation. It could be a completely new game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where violence is the way of life and survival is not promised. All will be revealed at the Spike Video Game Awards 2010 this Saturday. What do you think BioWare has in store for its fans?

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