A photograph from the production booth of Electronic Arts’ E3 2017 press conference shows that the publisher plans on a surprise, and will announce BioWare‘s new IP at the end of the event. The photograph looks at the production booth’s monitors of various cameras and digital screen captures, but one monitor at the bottom of the photo offers something different — a schedule. While it’s difficult to read much of the text it’s clear enough to read “Dylan,” codename for BioWare‘s new IP, and “World reveal trailer.”

Dylan‘s reveal has long been rumored for E3 2017, but it had recently been at risk due to EA revealing Dylan had been delayed into Fiscal Year 2019 during a recent fiscal report. If this leaked photo proves true, excited BioWare fans may have a bit of a wait ahead before getting their hands on the game. FY 2019 means that Dylan won’t be released until  at least mid-2018.

For now, excited fans will have to settle for a 45-second trailer, a detail also revealed on the leaked photograph. But there’s still hope for more before the end of the event, however. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier replied to the initial leaked photo on Twitter saying that there will be just a teaser today, but “more tomorrow.” He’s likely implying that the the game will be given a deeper look during Microsoft’s press conference, after EA handles the initial introduction today.

BioWare's New IP Dylan to Debut at EA's E3 2017 Keynote

In the craziness that is E3, it’s interesting to consider just what Dylan‘s on-again/off-again reveal and now potential gameplay debut during Microsoft’s keynote could mean. Obviously, it would imply a partnership of some sort between EA and Microsoft for Dylan, akin to the Battlefront 2 partnership with PlayStation. That’s likely why EA’s pressed to reveal Dylan today despite its delay, as Microsoft has a lot riding on marketing during this year’s E3. It’s the year of the Scorpio hardware’s launch, after all.

As a final note, there’s always the potential that this is a fake and Dylan won’t be debuting. After all, it’s a bit odd of EA to continue referring to it as Dylan codename, unless that’s become the game’s official title. Either way, it’s best to maintain a bit of healthy skepticism.

EA’s E3 2017 press conference will start today at noon PT, which is just a few short hours away. Not too long to wait for confirmation regarding the reveal of BioWare’s new IP. Microsoft E3 2017 press conference will follow tomorrow at 2:00pm PT, which may feature Dylan gameplay

BioWare‘s new IP is tentatively planned for release in FY 2019, at least 9 months away.

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