BioWare Moving on to Next 'Dragon Age' Project

BioWare Moving on to Next Dragon Age Project

Though Dragon Age 2 might not have struck the same chord with fans as some of BioWare's other sequels, the developer has hinted that they are working on another one. In fact, one last piece of Dragon Age 2 DLC was being worked on (it was to have been called Exalted March and would have included some t-shirts), but BioWare decided to scrap that and move on to another Dragon Age project.

While none of the BioWare or EA staff that have been spilling details about the next Dragon Age on Twitter have made mention of Dragon Age 3, the assumption is that's what they are working on. There are still plenty of fans that, despite Dragon Age 2 failing to deliver on a few base levels including its limited locations, are willing to stick with the series based solely on BioWare's track record.

One interesting thing to note about this next evolution of the Dragon Age franchise, though, are claims that this next game's development will be a much more inclusive experience. According to Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director for DA, "[they'll] be very actively looking for feedback on the next DA title, and will be showing the game more than before as it develops."

What exactly this means is hard to say, but perhaps BioWare has learned their lesson and plan to keep the fans involved on early design decisions to see how they feel about them. It's always been one of BioWare's biggest weaknesses — pulling out new features without first feeling out the fan base first — so maybe this new dedication to feedback will help them avoid situations like Dragon Age 2 and the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle.

There was no doubt in fans' minds that BioWare wasn't done with Dragon Age, they have made that abundantly clear, but there needs to be a few key changes made in order to satisfy fans of the original game and bring some new gamers into the fold. Hopefully BioWare will begin this new mantra of feedback with some official news shortly.

Are you ready for another Dragon Age adventure even though number two wasn't that great? How would you like to see BioWare incorporate fan feedback into their development process?

Source: Twitter (via IGN)


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