BioWare Sends Apology Email to Confused 'The Old Republic' Beta Applicants

The Old Republic Apology Email

We brought you the news yesterday that a bunch of emails mistakenly went out to The Old Republic beta participants that asked for their thoughts on the beta. Now that would be all well and good if those recipients of the email had, in fact, been beta participants. Instead the email was sent to many gamers who had only applied to be part of The Old Republic’s beta, but had yet to receive an invite.

Now it looks like Electronic Arts and BioWare are doing a little bit of damage control post-email in order to not only cover its bases, but try and assuage the anger inside Star Wars fans. According to the most recent email, Electronic Arts and BioWare have not been hacked; the email was sent out by mistake and not as a prank.

While I doubt that the first thought on any of the email recipients’ minds was that their personal information was compromised, it’s still nice to know we don’t have another PSN situation on our hands.

On the plus side, when the game does finally release, the new 400-employee customer service center that BioWare created will be the perfect place to deal with these types of issues.

Here’s the complete verbiage of the email:

On September 29th, you received two emails regarding the Star Warsâ„¢: The Old Republicâ„¢ Game Testing Program. These emails were sent to you by mistake. This was due to an internal error and not the result of hacking or malware. Please be assured that no personal information was compromised. We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Please note that receipt of these e-mails does not affect your chances to be invited to test the game at a later date.

Between now and launch, we will be conducting additional large scale Beta Testing Weekends where we will be inviting more people than ever before. Additionally we will be releasing even more information about the game as we gear up for launch in December.

As an added consolation BioWare tells those who have yet to participate in the beta that larger “beta testing weekends” are in the future, and will require a larger user pool than the game is currently working with. If I were a betting man I might say that those who mistakenly received an email could be getting a beta invite in the near future. Maybe not a full-scale beta invite, but a chance to check the game out.

Our hands-on with the game (pre-beta) reveal an MMO experience that is well worth the wait; so don’t feel too bad if a beta invite never comes your way. For now just keep hitting refresh on your email inbox and cross your fingers.

Has this small email mishap changed your excitement for Star Wars: The Old Republic? Do you think that a beta invite would be a perfect apology?

Star Wars: The Old Republic releases December 20, 2011 for the PC.

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