It’s been nearly a year since gamers have heard any solid news regarding BioShock Infinite — with a few enemy reveals peppered here and there — but developer Irrational Games continues to promise the game will make its February release date. To that end, they have teased that a trailer for the game, hopefully one that provides different looks at the game in action, is slated to release on October 21st.

However, amidst news that suggests BioShock Infinite is right on track come even more discoveries that suggest the exact opposite. According to some recently updated resumes, two of Irrational’s employees have departed the company and taken up positions at Microsoft.

While employee departures prior to a game releasing aren’t entirely unheard of, the fact that BioShock Infinite is in the midst of a serious crunch time doesn’t exactly have us feeling good about the game’s development.

The employees in question, AI Lead Don Norbury and Combast Design Director Clint Budrick, may have presumably completed their necessary work, but anyone leaving Irrational at this late stage in the proverbial game can’t be a good sign. Superannuation, who watches LinkedIn like hawks watch their prey, has the scoop. They also uncovered the departure of Producer Joe Faulstick earlier this year.

So far, BioShock Infinite‘s development has been plagued with some pretty high profile departures (Art Director Nate Wells and Director of Product Placement Tim Gerritsen), and one very high profile acquisition. Amidst talk of Irrational’s struggling to figure out a multiplayer variant for the title, and to accurately portray their vision for companion Elizabeth, these staffing changes shine in a completely different light.

The acquisition of Epic Games’ Rod Fergusson didn’t indicate Irrational was making a bold move like it should have; it led to speculation that BioShock Infinite needed a lot of help.

For now, we’re going to stick to the belief that the game is right on track, anticipate the release of the new trailer, and pray that Irrational doesn’t announce another delay. But, if such news does arrive, we won’t be entirely surprised.

Do the departures from Irrational have you worried about BioShock Infinite‘s development? Will the game be delayed again?

BioShock Infinite is slated for a February 26, 2013 release date on the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Source: LinkedIn (via Superannuation)