After a fan tweets to renowned game designers Ken Levine and Jake Solomon about wanting a game that’s a mixture of XCOM and Freedom Force, both designers respond enthusiastically.

Way back in 2002, Ken Levine and his studio, Irrational Games, made a real-time superhero-centric RPG called Freedom ForceAs interesting as this game was, it was later overshadowed by Irrational’s work on the wildly-popular Bioshock series. In the decade or so since Freedom Force‘s release, strategy RPG’s have evolved considerably, and some of the more notable titles in the genre since 2002 include Firaxis’ XCOM and this year’s critically-acclaimed sequel XCOM 2 – both of which were designed by Jake Solomon. While both Freedom Force and XCOM are both different games, if a recent tweet exchange is to be believed, perhaps there’s a chance – albeit a very small one – that we may see some unique hybrid of the two games.

Recently, a fan tweeted at Levine and Solomon, and stated that he would love to see a “bastard child” of  Freedom Force and the XCOM series. Rather than let that amusing comment fade away, Levine appeared intrigued by the idea and replied enthusiastically with a tweet:

Let’s do it jake!
— Ken Levine (@IGLevine) June 30, 2016

Within minutes, Solomon replied to the tweet thread with an emphatic response of his own:

@Futterish @IGLevine @JoseTorr17 In a heartbeat. In a heartbeat.
— Jake Solomon (@SolomonJake) June 30, 2016

As interesting as it is to imagine a game that combines the superhero aesthetic of Freedom Force with the intense strategy of XCOM, it is unlikely that Levine and Solomon’s enthusiastic comments will actually lead to anything.

Following the shutting down of Irrational Games after the release of BioShock Infinite, Levine has been hard at work at a mysterious new game. Not much is currently known about this game at the moment, but based on recent comments from Levine himself, it appears that the upcoming title will be an open-world FPS influenced by FalloutDark Souls, and System Shock

As for Solomon, XCOM 2 was released months ago, but that doesn’t mean that work on the game has stopped. The development team are currently busy working on a console version of XCOM 2, which is scheduled to be released on September 6, as well as a number of planned DLC packs for the game.

Even if Levine and Solomon could work out their busy schedules and partner up, there would undoubtedly be a mountain of paperwork pertaining to the issue of rights and the like that need to be sorted out before any potential crossover could happen. All this may be wishful thinking right now, but one thing is for sure, a Freedom Force and XCOM crossover is definitely something that’s worth thinking about at the very least.

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