BioShock fans bristling over the delay of BioShock: Infinite to February of 2013 are likely finding more time to reminisce about the series’ past highlights: the underwater art-deco metropolis of Rapture, engaging Ayn Rand-dystopia story threads, heartwarming interaction with Little Sisters, not-so-heartwarming interaction with Little Sisters.

2K Games might be feeling the same way, and it turns out the a BioShock release could still be in the works for 2012.

According to CVG, The British Board of Film Classification, or BBFC (which, for video games, is analogous to the North American ESRB) has rated the BioShock “Ultimate Rapture” Edition. The listing has since been pulled, but its error notification that still shows up in the “video game” section acts as a virtual footprint.

Purportedly, the Ultimate Rapture Edition is a box set that includes both BioShock and BioShock 2, bundled with all DLC released for the games. For BioShock, the DLC was pretty sparse. A few free patch-like updates were released, offering new plasmids and enhanced difficulty modifiers, but the game found its sterling reputation to be support enough. BioShock 2, however, with its multiplayer modes and release in the more DLC-permeated 2010, is where things get heavier.

BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition Details

Ultimate Rapture, we can assume, would include the following packs released in the months after BioShock 2‘s launch:

  • Sinclair Solutions Test Pack: 2 new playable characters, 20 new trials, 5 new masks, and 2 special upgradable melee weapons.
  • Rapture Metro Map Pack: 6 new maps, 2 new characters, 2 new masks, and a “rebirth” gene tonic.
  • Kill ‘Em Kindly: a new game mode/Andrew Ryan homage; players use golf clubs and only golf  clubs to melee each other to death.
  • Character pack: 2 new multiplayer characters – Zigo d’Acosta and Mlle Blanche de Glace.
  • The Protector Trials Pack: a horde-like single player mode where players protect Little Sisters from waves of oncoming enemies.
  • Minerva’s Den: a completely standalone campaign DLC; 4 hours of additional gameplay place gamers inside another Big Daddy, as he travels to Minerva’s Den and uncovers more secrets about the world of Rapture.

If the BBFC report is accurate – 2K hasn’t confirmed anything, but ratings board outings have a reliable reputation – then there’s good chance the set releases this year before BioShock: Infinite.

The prevailing theory is that Infinite was pushed to 2013 for the development of multiplayer – a notion further backed up by its complete absence from E3 2012 (showing off a work-in-progress new mode would only undercut a strong Best-in-Show appearance at E3 2011). That said, someone at 2K seems to be making use of the extra time, planned before the delay or not, and a new special edition could be the perfect starting point for series newcomers.

Ranters, will you be catching up on BioShock before Infinite’s release on February 26, 2013?

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Source: BBFC [via CVG]