Amazing BioShock Remake Using CryEngine Software

By | 2 years ago 

Although it was released eight years ago, the first BioShock game is still considered by many gamers as one of the best (if not the best) game made for last-gen consoles. From its thrilling storyline, to its disturbing twists and revelations, BioShock had a way of sticking in a gamer’s mind long after they finish the final sequence.

It’s no surprise then that one BioShock fan decided to take a swing at remaking the game’s opening sequence using an updated engine. The gamer, who goes by gametime414 on Vimeo, released a video that reveals how BioShock looks and feels when rendered with CryEngine 3, a gaming engine superior to the game’s original Unreal Engine 2. It goes without saying that the updated version of BioShock is gorgeous and will almost instantly make any BioShock fan want to dive back into the game.

The above video shows the memorable opening scene in BioShock where players are ushered into the iconic lighthouse, then plunged into the watery depths toward Rapture. Even though the video only shows off a few minutes of the game, its improved graphics and framerate are enough to get our hearts racing in anticipation for the rest of the adventure. Gamertime414 also shared some screenshots from the gameplay that show just how amazing this game can look when run by an updated game engine.

The video and screenshots are all the evidence we need to know that Irrational Games needs to produce and release an HD update of the BioShock series. At a time when developers are releasing remastered versions of past games almost every month, this is one series that absolutely needs a remake. Even if Irrational Games decides against doing an HD update of the entire trilogy, many would be fine if they at least do the first BiosShock.

As we prepare for this year’s E3 conference, we can only hope 2K Games will reveal a BioShock remastered edition. Right now we’re expecting them to announce Borderlands 3, but beyond that, it seems the door is open for the developer to confirm that BioShock will be remade. Who knows, maybe they’ll announce both an HD remake of BioShock alongside their next installment in the series.

Irrational Games, would you kindly?

What are your thoughts about the CryEngine remake of BioShock? Would you like to see Irrational Games remake BioShock for current-gen consoles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Vimeo, ArtStation