BioShock PC Remaster is Missing Key Features


Several PC gamers reveal that BioShock: The Collection has many of the same bugs and crashes as the original games, with only slightly upgraded graphics.

Game remasters have become a common trend in the video game industry, and it’s a move many gamers are happy to support. There’s something special about experiencing a past game that’s been updated with fresh graphics, quicker frame rates, and a host of fixes that were omitted the first time around. But not every remaster is created equal, as in the case of BioShock: The Collection.

According to many PC gamers, BioShock: The Collection is causing many players quite a bit of frustration. From graphics issues to crashes, it seems the remastered BioShock games are riddled with many of the same issues the original games experienced, at least on PC.

Thanks to the ease with which players can leave feedback for games, the biggest issues with BioShock: The Collection became evident rather quickly. One of the most prominent issues brought up by players is the underwhelming visuals. As one gamer put it, the game looks “retextured,” not remastered. It looks like BioShock 2 isn’t much better, either, with players stating the graphics look only marginally better than they did in the original game.


Players have also experienced many of the legacy issues with BioShock that they did the first time around. One of these issues is a game-breaking crash that happens as players try to enter Rapture by way of the Bathysphere.

BioShock players have also criticized the game’s mouse issues. Mouse sensitivity was a well-known issue on BioShock for PC when it was originally announced, and it seems the issue hasn’t been corrected.

Even those players who left positive reviews for BioShock: The Collection have aired their frustrations about the lacking visual upgrade. One reviewer, DigitalCreation, expressed very well what many players are currently experiencing with the remastered collection:

It's certainly not terrible, but it's lazy. Old bugs from the original game are still present and the graphics are only slightly better. This is the best version only because of the small graphics update.

Some players have claimed that the game works better with a controller than mouse and keyboard, but that defeats the purpose of why many gamers choose PC over console. There’s a certain amount of precision that comes with a mouse and keyboard that’s not available on console, so having that go away is understandably frustrating. Additionally, PC players are proud of their ability to play games at incredibly high graphical settings, allowing for a very immersive, visually appealing experience. But in its current state, it seems BioShock: The Collection isn’t living up to player expectation.


Hopefully 2K Games will provide a patch that corrects the bugs and crashes, though it’s unknown if the development team will do anything to upgrade the graphics beyond the current state. That may be something the community takes on in the form of mods, as players have done with many past games.

What do you think about BioShock: The Collection? Have you experienced any of the issues shared above?

BioShock: The Collection is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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