BioShock Creator Ken Levine is Directing a Twilight Zone Interactive Movie


Ken Levine, creator of the wildly successful BioShock franchise, announces plans to direct an interactive film version of the classic sci-fi series, The Twilight Zone.

During a recent interview with the technology news outlet Wired, BioShock's director Ken Levine revealed that he will be writing and directing an interactive live-action movie inspired by the original science fiction television series The Twilight Zone. According to the discussion with the BioShock director, the forthcoming film project will not be the debut from his new studio, but with the undertaking, Levine is intent to "explore the spaces between movies and games."

Using technology developed by Interlude, a studio specializing in concepts for switching in between multiple video streams to create a seamless experience, viewers will be able to choose what certain characters will do within the Twilight Zone film, with its story potentially leading to an unexpected ending. This shouldn't come as a surprise to most fans of pop culture, for most of the tales from the TV show had plenty of surprise finales, as did Levine's BioShock, which many consider as having one of the most shocking video game twists of all time.

Of course, Levine is tight-lipped about what the main thrust of The Twilight Zone's story (or perhaps vignettes) would be and how the interactive features will work, especially considering the fact that the whole project is extremely early in development. Plus, as he put it, "Telling you how I’m going to do it would kind of spoil it."


Although Levine is foraying into the film industry for the time being, gaming fans shouldn't fret, as the BioShock director explained that he is going to keep his position at Take-Two Interactive in order to support his team "working diligently" on its next game, which is reportedly an open world FPS. Regarding the work-in-progress, not much else is known other than Levine's explanation that the game will explore the themes of artificial intelligence.

Considering the originality and success of the BioShock games, Ken Levine and his team at Take-Two are sure to deliver a innovative experience with its next title, or at the very least, an interesting experiment in creativity. When discussing BioShock, Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two's CEO, said it's a "really important" franchise, and proclaimed the next game from Levine as "something highly creative and innovative." While we're definitely on board for whatever the BioShock director has in store for us, we will just have to wait to see.

What do you think about BioShock's Ken Levine directing a movie based on The Twilight Zone? Do you believe it could influence the creation of his next video game release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

BioShock and its two sequels, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite, are available for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Wired (via IGN)

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