Original ‘Bioshock’ Announced for iOS, Won’t Support Older Apple Devices

By | 2 years ago 

The Bioshock series has come a long way from its home in the ruined — and ruinous — hallways of Rapture. Although Bioshock 2 saw a return to the underwater city first seen in the 2007 classic by Irrational Games, the story took to the skies with the floating city of Columbia, and beyond, in Bioshock Infinite.

Aside from the DLC story of Burial at Sea, it seemed as though the city of Rapture was being left to the Splicers. Or rather, at least in the world of video games as Sony has recently registered a series of web domains suggesting that a Bioshock movie is back on the cards. If that isn’t enough of a Rapture fix for Bioshock fans, there is thankfully more in store for those wanting to walk those Ayn Rand-inspired corridors.

2K Games has announced that the original Bioshock is going to be released on iOS devices. This comes shortly after 2K International posted a Bioshock teaser last month. The Bioshock iOS re-release will be available and compatible with the iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad Mini 2, and the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S — although it will not work with older Apple models.

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The original Bioshock will release on iOS later this summer, although there has yet to be an official release date. As of yet, there has also been no announcement on the price either. 2K Games has stated that since Bioshock is a “premium” game it will be released as a “premium-priced mobile game.” This could mean it sits alongside 2K’s Grand Theft Auto iOS releases at $6.99, but more information on the price will be released soon.

Regardless, it’s a tall order to recreate the story of Bioshock on iOS devices. Ports to mobile and tablet devices have not always worked out well, with difficulties in fitting all the content into an app and issues of control without the use of a controller prevalent. However, 2K has announced that the Bioshock we know and love will be in the port, alongside optimized touch-screen controls and compatibility with external Bluetooth control pads.

Of course, there are likely to be some downgrades in store. Even though Bioshock is now seven years old, it’s hard to see the sound and graphics of the original translating in their entirety. However, if the gameplay still fits, and the atmosphere is still there, then this port could well be a big success.

As previously reported, there may still be more Bioshock games in store. Although Irrational Games has handed over the reins of the franchise to 2K Games after announcing it was winding down to focus on a new project, 2K have stated that the series will continue without Irrational Games. Will it be another trip to Rapture? Only time will tell. Until then, gamers will have to make do with this iOS port.

Bioshock for iOS is slated for release later this summer.