BioShock Infinite World Premiere
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While BioShock: Infinite fans may have been hit with news of the game’s second delay today, its scheduled trailer presentation at tonight’s 2012 Spike Video Game Awards continued unfettered.

Where other games of the show were introduced by celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Adam Scott, it was Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine himself, perhaps looking to instill some confidence around his studio’s now-March-releasing project, who took the stage to give us an all-new look at BioShock Infinite’s gameplay and the dynamic between Elizabeth and protagonist Booker Dewitt.

BioShock: Infinite‘s storyline centers around U.S. federal agent-reject Booker Dewitt, who, in 1912, is ordered to the dystopian floating city of Columbia by a nebulous organization to rescue a woman named Elizabeth. Right at the outset, the trailer quite literally tosses Booker into the room where Elizabeth is being held captive by the monstrous robotic creature Songbird.

The fear and surprise elicited by Elizabeth makes it apparent that the two have never met, but the introduction is cut short when Songbird is heard (and felt) stammering towards the room. Booker produces a rustic magic key, telling Elizabeth it’s their best way to escape, and within an instant the scene dissolves (through actual gameplay or studio editing — it’s unclear) into a violent first-person action sequence around one of Columbia’s multifaceted, open-air expanses.

Bioshock Infinite VGA Gameplay Trailer

Transitioning between skyhooks, solid ground, and platforms, Booker can be seen performing a wide array of kills via automatic weapon, explosive, and melee cerebral impaling. All in all it’s a vibrant, fluid, frenetic, player-empowering action sequence where Booker seems relatively in command of the carnage around him.

But then the Handyman shows up. We witnessed some of this brute’s… handiwork back in March and he was the main feature of Irrational’s Infinite VGA teaser which appeared last week. It goes without saying that Booker has his hands full (okay, we’ll stop now) — the unexpected encounter forces him to reassess his current approach to the battle. The trailer cuts out seconds later, leaving players to speculate from BioShock Infinite’s widely varied combat options how it might have unfolded.

BioShock Infinite VGA 2012 Combat Trailer

Other than the few seconds of screen time for Elizabeth — whose in-game appearance has been surprisingly sparse throughout BioShock Infinite’s known existence (she is, after all, destined to become Booker’s wingman and is accoutered with a nasty set of powers) — tonight’s VGA trailer didn’t spark any new revelations about Infinite’s story or its gameplay. Even with a slightly-delayed March launch, however, the game isn’t too far away from releasing in its entirety. We’re confident good things are coming to those who’ve waited.

We’ll post the trailer the moment it’s available. In the meantime, though, be sure to check out more of our BioShock: Infinite coverage:

[UPDATE] Spike has now released the full VGA trailer. It actually runs a few seconds longer than the one presented on stage — elaborating on Booker’s and Elizabeth’s escape from Songbird. Check it out at the top of the post!

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BioShock: Infinite releases March 26th, 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.