A CG action trailer for BioShock Infinite has just arrived, and it just might be the best trailer yet. Comprised entirely of action shots, and little-to-no back-story, this trailer functions in a fashion similar to the Infinite box art — it gives the game a mass appeal — but it’s also pretty incredible.

While we don’t know if this actual scenario plays out in the game, the trailer features our hero, Booker DeWitt, looking upon Elizabeth, who is mere seconds from execution. As DeWitt takes aim upon what we can only assume is Columbia’s “False Prophet,” Father Comstock, a Handyman jumps into view.

This forces Booker to take to the skies with the help of BioShock Infinite‘s Sky-Hook, a handy device that lets the player ride the skylines of Columbia. From there, Booker descends upon Elizabeth, uses a Vigor (Infinite’s version of plasmids) to free her, and then makes quick work of The Handyman.

It’s this type of fluid, transitional combat that BioShock Infinite hopes to deliver the whole way through, and if any of the game’s previously released gameplay trailers are any indication, it certainly does. Obviously the game doesn’t look this good, but that’s neither here nor there. Although it is fun to consider what a BioShock game on the next-gen might look like.

BioShock Infinite CG Trailer

With a little over a week until BioShock Infinite hits store shelves (finally!), most gamers have likely seen enough to sway them towards Irrational Games‘ latest. However, we have a sneaky suspicion that there is still plenty more BioShock content in the pipeline, but hopefully nothing too revelatory.

As the game’s Creative Director, Ken Levine, has explained, Infinite‘s ending is poised to be something incredible, and considering the shocking twist in BioShock 1 we’re apt to believe him. Moreover, there’s something unique about the experience of BioShock that few games can replicate; even BioShock 2 (from developer 2K Marin) couldn’t quite get it.

What do you think of this new trailer for BioShock Infinite? Would you like to see a next-gen BioShock that looks as good as this footage?

BioShock Infinite releases March 26, 2013 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Polygon