A strong, engaging atmosphere in a video game can be the factor that propels a seemingly mediocre game into an immensely memorable experience. Likewise, a game with a weak sense of atmosphere can have the opposite effect on said game. If there is one game that comes to many gamers’ minds when the topic of atmosphere is brought up, it’s BioShock. The newest iteration in the series, BioShock: Infinite, aims to bring back that sense of wonder as it drops gamers into a truly foreign environment.

Ever since its unveiling, the sense of intrigue surrounding BioShock: Infinite has quickly continued to grow. Whether it’s the game’s focus on Elizabeth, the player’s companion, or the introduction of new features like sky-hooks, the latest iteration in the BioShock series looks to be a truly unique experience while still retaining a feeling reminiscent of the first game.

Now, in the latest trailer for the game, unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, gamers get yet another look at the gameplay that will make up BioShock: Infinite, showing off many of the game’s new features as well as some truly massive enemies. Check out the trailer below!


While the main focus of the trailer is no doubt squared on the game’s fast-paced nature, the interactions and exchanges shown between the player and Elizabeth highlight a feature of the game that many gamers overlook: Its emotion. Not only will Elizabeth play an integral part in the gameplay through the use of the “tears” mechanic, but if the game’s trailers are any indication, the player will end up growing extremely close to her, forging a strong connection between the two.

This will end up giving the game a healthy dose of humanity. While it takes place in a world that is very much that of fantasy, if there is a strong enough emotional connection, this could aid in blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Just look at the most recent batch of BioShock: Infinite screenshots to see the game’s emotive depth.

In terms of gameplay though, BioShock: Infinite seems to take everything gamers loved about the first game and crank it up a few levels. From riding along the game’s monorail tracks with your sky-hook at breakneck speeds while dodging cargo crates, to diving headlong out of a building into the abyss below, it seems as if every one of the player’s actions is injected with a healthy dose of adrenaline.

Even the slower-paced sections of the game which have the player hiding from an unknown enemy with a spotlight draw on a feeling of intensity that many game’s lack. The feeling of intensity also isn’t hurt by the massive, winged creature that makes an appearance in the trailer which will no doubt be a figure to fear as you’re making your way through Columbia.

While this newest trailer is only just a taste of the action to come, gamers yearning for more can go back and watch the E3 demo video to see the game in action. Despite the fact that the game is still quite far from release, as more information and content is released, excitement and anticipation for the game’s launch is quickly rising. As such, it’s no surprise that it was awarded Game Rant’s Best In Show of E3.

Are you excited to see how emotion is handled when the game releases? What new aspect of the game are you most excited to get your hands on?

BioShock: Infinite is set to drop onto shelves sometime in the second quarter of 2012 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.