Irrational Games has today confirmed BioShock Infinite will offer a Season Pass for its downloadable, post-release content. Like most of the games available today, Infinite‘s story will continue past the single player campaign and into new storylines.

Details in regards to the DLC are slim, but we do know that Irrational has planned for 3 DLC packs that will allow players to further explore Colombia. The Season Pass is valued at $30, but can be yours for only $19.99.

The Season Pass will also include the ‘Early Bird Special Pack,’ which includes four pieces of exclusive gear: a machine gun damage upgrade, a pistol damage upgrade, a gold skin for both the machine gun and the pistol, and five Infusion bottles. Infusion bottles imbue the game’s protagonist, Booker Dewitt, with special abilities like increased health, shield durability, and increasing the amount of Salts he can carry. Salts apparently have some bearing on the player’s ability to use ‘vigors,’ which are Infinite’s version of plasmids.

Eager fans poked and prodded Irrational Games’ Ken Levine on Twitter in regards to the DLC, but he was none too forthcoming in with additional details. He wouldn’t say what Irrational’s plan is with DLC either (read: what will be the release schedule for the expansions) or what specific storylines the additional content might explore.

However, if BioShock Infinite‘s DLC is anything like Minerva’s Den, fans should be very excited by this announcement. Granted, Minerva’s Den was a 2K Marin creation for BioShock 2, but it was still some of the best DLC content we’ve seen in quite some time — on par with some of Bethesda‘s best expansions.

Moreover, if BioShock Infinite is as spectacular as fans hope it will be, they will likely be chomping at the bit for as much additional content as possible. Even if it’s an arena mode, something that further explores that world or lets players mess around with Infinite’s new mechanics (skyhook, vigors, tears) might be cool enough.

At the same time, this talk of DLC has us wondering if BioShock Infinite will be a singularly satisfying experience. Will the game wrap up in the main campaign or will gamers have to purchase the DLC to get the full story? We’ll have to wait until March 26th to find out.

That said, we are still more than a month away from the release of BioShock Infinite — which went gold on Tuesday — so don’t expect to hear too much about future DLC any time soon. For now, gamers can enjoy the interesting ‘Colombia: A Modern Day Icarus’ video series, which explores the complex history of Infinite‘s city in the sky.

Will you be purchasing the BioShock Infinite Season Pass? What do you think about Irrational Games including DLC?

BioShock Infinite releases March 26, 2013 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.