Irrational Games Is Jittery Over 'BioShock Infinite' Reception

The original BioShock is a tough act to follow and Irrational Games knows it. Every new showing of their next game BioShock Infinite, the company admits, is a nail-biting experience as they wait with nervous anticipation for the audience's response.

In the most recent issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Irrational's director of product development, Tim Gerritsen, expresses his confidence that the experience in Bioshock: Infinite will live up to the high standards expected of fans and feels the developers have the passion and drive to meet those expectations.

"BioShock was one of the best-received [and best] critically reviewed games of the past decade. We definitely feel the pressure of that..."

Indeed they must, after the mixed reception that BioShock 2 received when 2K Marin had a hold on the franchise. Some loved it, some hated it, but regardless of any negatively it might of garnered, Irrational's hands are clean -- the BioShock name itself is what some may take umbrage with. See what we thought in our BioShock 2 review.

"Every time we show anything to the public, we're on pins and needles over how it will be received, because we're that invested into making BioShock Infinite carry the same weight as the original. We feel confident that we have a skilled team and the ability to make that happen."

After their incredible showing at E3 2011 with a demo that awed audiences, it's hard not to think that Irrational Games is being a bit, well, irrational in their fears -- but it does serve to make them feel relatable. After all, anyone else in their shoes would feel the same way. You can't knock Irrational for a nervousness that originates from their immense respect for the opinions of the public, a public they clearly have no intention of disappointing.

BioShock: Infinite is scheduled to release in Q2 of 2012 on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.


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