BioShock Infinite Propaganda Art

It’s more than clear that when it comes to the upcoming BioShock: Infinite, artistic style is everything. While we may have thought that unique powers and underwater environments were the key characteristics of the BioShock franchise, all the information on Infinite points to the importance of political turmoil and debate over philosophical ideals. The latest artwork released for the game continues the trend, and should get fans of unique game worlds even more excited for the game’s release next year.

Irrational Games fans were more than spoiled over the last year, as Ken Levine and his crew not only announced that ‘Project Icarus’ was in fact BioShock Infinite, but treated everyone to an excellent announcement trailer introducing us to the game’s airborne setting of Columbia.

Then they released a nine-minute gameplay video revealing some of the main characters, villains, combat, and the political strife tearing the city out of the sky.

And then, nothing. We had to wait almost nine months for new BioShock: Infinite details to be released. Those details included the dynamic ‘tears’ mechanic, and BioShock Infinite previews and interviews are finally starting to circulate the web as they (hopefully) gear up for the home stretch to its release.

The latest details we have been granted are a first look at some art created for BioShock: Infinite by Irrational artists Mike Swiderek and Jorge Lacera. Hopefully this is the beginning of a trend that will last until the game comes out.

You can see the ads and propaganda posters below:

Anyone who played the original BioShock knows that Irrational’s ability to fully immerse the player in the world and story is possibly their greatest tool. Pieces of art like these help us buy the setting, and once we’re there, everything has a greater impact.

Each piece has an old-fashioned, big-brotherish and absurd aesthetic – what sophisticated society would have a poster advertising machine-guns? – that firmly places them in the Columbian setting.

Little details like the claw-like fingernails on the ‘vox populi’ fighter being set upon by the Songbird are the kind of attention to portrayals of prejudice and discrimination that really sets BioShock apart from other games, and It’s great to see that Levine and the developers haven’t slipped even a little in their vision.

It would be nice not to have to wait so long for those details, but we suspect the wait will be worth it. BioShock: Inifinite has no official release date, but we can expect to see it release for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2012.

Source: Irrational Games