Final 'BioShock Infinite' Heavy Hitter Revealed; Meet 'The Siren'

BioShock Infinite Siren Trailer

It's time for Irrational Games to introduce gamers to the final member of their Heavy Hitter class of enemies in BioShock Infinite, this one appropriately dubbed 'The Siren'. Though not an entirely new type of enemy, the Siren should bring a new gameplay experience to BioShock Infinite even though, by our measure, there are plenty of those already.

Stemming from society's obsession with the spiritual world during that time period, the Siren is, in essence, a necromancer. Using the crippling sound of her singing voice the Siren can bring enemies that protagonist Booker DeWitt had just recently done away with back from the dead.

As Ken Levine explains in the video diary below, the Siren adds a new dynamic to the gameplay whereby the player must decide which enemy is a higher priority. Obviously the Siren is the source of the waves of undead, but those waves of undead will be shooting at Booker, while the Siren, to the best of our knowledge, does not.

Much like the reveal of the Boys of Silence, this one for the Siren does more to set up the story behind Irrational Games' conception of the enemy rather than to show them in action. There is, of course, a brief tease of her abilities at the very end, and she appears quite terrifying. If there was any doubt that BioShock Infinite, with its more appealing color palette, would lose the scares that permeated its predecessors this should put those worries to bed.


Now that each of the four Heavy Hitters featured in BioShock Infinite have been revealed, we hope that Irrational Games can take a step back and decide what is worth revealing and what is better kept secret. Each of the game's new iconic enemies, from the Motorized Patriot to the Siren, did enough to prove that Irrational Games still has their unique design sensibilities, and is always willing to scare the pants off some unsuspecting gamers.

What do you think of the Siren? Which of the four Heaver Hitter enemies are you the most interested in fighting?

BioShock Infinite releases October 16, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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