'BioShock Infinite' Heavy Hitter Trailer Features 'The Handyman'

Bioshock Infinite Handyman Trailer

Last week, Ken Levine and the development team at Irrational Games kicked off their video series on BioShock Infinite's "Heavy Hitters" with the unveiling of an utterly creepy George Washington doppelganger - whose broken up porcelain face, Gatling gun, and American flag-coated wings painted as much a sadistic portrait of Columbia's Founders as it did an intriguing light on BioShock Infinite's gameplay.

This week's Heavy Hitter had his work cut out for him if he wanted to stack up against the heroic general/robotic minion, but it turns out that he may be the most intimidating member of the pack yet. Meet the Handyman - the very first of the game's characters we saw in the Bioshock Infinite announcement trailer as he hurled Booker DeWitt of a window. If you're still looking for someone to spurn your interest about Infinite's airborne distopia, there's one man who can:


Appropriately named for his giant porcelain hands, the Handyman's Herculean size, grimacing face, and exposed heart are sure to instill fear in the hearts of anyone who crosses its path. But, as creative director Ken Levine explains, the "Handymen" who populate the city of Columbia are also tragic figures as well:

I don't want to go into a ton of detail about how these guys got put in these metal bodies, but there's a certain sadness to who they are and how they go there - but I'd rather the gamers find that out in the course of the game.

Where the Motorized Patriot Heavy Hitter is a one-and-done, quasi-boss opponent (who even leaves a souvenir Gatling gun for us), the Handymen seem to more densely populate the game and throw constant wrenches into Booker's plans. Their ability to leap great distances and fling bodies (friend or foe) through the air as projectiles is a great way to utilize the game's plans for a diverse combat approach.

We've gotten plenty of looks at what is one of this year's most anticipated games; between our E3 preview, a host of trailers and story details, and now these ever-enlightening tidbits about the game's enemies, BioShock Infinite can't get here fast enough.

Ranters, how do you think the Handyman compares to the previous Motorized Patriot Heavy Hitter? What other enemy types do you want to see detailed by Irrational Games?

BioShock Infinite releases on October 16, 2012 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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