BioShock Infinite Gameplay Video Coming to Xbox Live

Bioshock Infinite Alpha

Information about BioShock Infinite blasted out of the gate just a little over a month ago when Irrational Games finally revealed their mysterious new project. Since early August, we’ve gotten a BioShock Infinite teaser trailer, more story details and new screenshots. For anyone hungry for more, I’ve got some good news, but anyone already suffering from BioShock overhype may not want to go near Xbox Live on September 21st.

Why you ask? That’s when the public will first get to lay their eyeballs on a “gameplay demonstration video” for BioShock Infinite. Those without Xbox Live will be able to scope the video elsewhere, presumably PlayStation Network, the day after.

Irrational Games level designer Shawn Elliot confirmed the news today over his twitter account, but anyone who has been following the ‘10 Things You Should Know About BioShock Infinite’ series of posts over on Irrational’s website was already privy to this information.

We do know that the gaming press was given a gameplay demonstration at the announcement event in August. The video showed off some of the multi-enemy, terrain jumping combat as well as some of the enhanced abilities players would have at their disposal. With only a little more than a month since that video was unveiled, it seems reasonable to assume that we will be getting a similar, if not the exact same, video on Xbox Live.

BioShock Infinite already carries a lot of anticipation on its back, and Irrational is clearly wasting no time in fanning the fire for gamers. Will over a year’s worth of hype prove too much, and weigh down the shoulders of the massive floating metropolis? Or is this just becoming standard practice with high profile games such as this?

Despite the limited amount of information on the game, we know BioShock Infinite, previously known as "Project Icarus," takes place in 1912 and lets you play as an investigator sent to the floating city of Columbia to retrieve a very special missing girl.  Infinite is the third installment into the BioShock franchise.

Are the Ranters excited for more BioShock Infinite this soon? Can Irrational Games and creative director Ken Levine continue to the hot streak? Or is this just way too early get the hype train rolling for a game that isn’t expected to be released until 2012?

Source: Irrational Games

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