Bioshock Infinite DLC

Fans of Bioshock: Infinite are in for quite the wait where story-based DLC is concerned. Despite many a gamer dropping their $20 on Season Pass perks when the game launched, there’s been little-to-no word on any prospective release dates since then.

Hoping to allay player fears over developmental issues, Irrational Studios’ creative director and BioShock: Infinite lead Ken Levine took to the Twittersphere on Wednesday to reassure gamers of the progress being made so far.

Levine’s response certainly won’t be what fans of Infinite will be hoping for – a release date and hint at the DLC’s plot – but does hold promise for those hoping the extra gameplay will be up to the standards of the campaign proper (read our review):

Back in April, an Irrational artist’s LinkedIn profile was spotted advertising work on an all-new, unannounced DLC-based companion character. The long-since removed listing led many fans to speculate that Rosalind and/or Robert Lutece (two of the game’s key figures of quantum confusion) could be joining Infinite front-man Booker DeWitt for a series of additional adventures.

Of course, at this point in development there’s no guarantee that Booker will be included in the ongoing narrative – look at BioShock 2‘s standalone Minerva’s Den DLC – meaning that just about any combinations of characters, new or old is possible.  Could Infinite’s roles be reversed, with players taking direct control of Elizabeth’s fantastical powers? Will gamers play a greater role in Columbia’s revolution? Should the under-utilized Songbird return? All questions that only time will answer.

But if it’s DLC you sky-bound soldiers crave, the game’s pre-release DLC incentives are now available, including the ‘Industrial Revolution’ and ‘Upgrade’ packs. Combined into the ‘Columbia’s Finest’ content patch, players can now look forward to a starting bonus of 5 lock picks, 2 new weapons skins, 500 Silver Eagles, and 6 unique Gear items.

Bioshock DLC weapons

Divided between damage dealing, speed altering and loot-garnering boosts, these items include the colorfully titled ‘Handyman Nemesis,’ ‘Sugar Rush,’ Fleet Feet,’ ‘Bull Rush,’ ‘Extra! Extra!’ & ‘Betrayer’ variants. Bog standard shotgun and sniper rifle types are also touched up to create the presumably more powerful Comstock ‘China Broom’ and ‘Eagle Eye’ editions, respectively.

Until now, both downloadable extras had been restricted to the game’s ‘Premium’ and ‘Ultimate Songbird’ editions, though neither were included as part of the Infinite ‘Season Pass’ feature. As usual, players will be required to own the vanilla version of Bioshock: Infinite before picking up ‘Columbia’s Finest’, released this week in both North American and European territories.

So, when will Bioshock: Infinite‘s story-based DLC finally drop? What stories would be best for it to tell? Is this one game that  amount of day-one DLC making gamers more impatient or should developers commit to a strict time-scale for your money? Hit the comments below to have your say.

Bioshock: Infinite’s ‘Columbia’s Finest’ pack is now available for download on Xbox Live (480MSP), PSN ($4.99/£3.99/€4.99) and Steam ($4.99/£3.69/€4.49)


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Source: Ken Levine