Since that incredible E3 2011 demo, Irrational Games has had a hard time making BioShock Infinite a reality — or at least that’s the impression they’re giving off. While, at first, it appeared that Irrational Games was poised to deliver another Game of the Year candidate — the title did, after all, win a tremendous amount of Best of E3 awards — a delay into 2013, followed by some troubling reports from inside the development team, suggested that not only was the game far from finished, but that Irrational may have lost their direction along the way.

Thankfully, things appear to be back on track, and BioShock Infinite is slowly, but surely, getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. And to make sure they got there on time, the team at Irrational enlisted the help of Epic Games’ Rod Fergusson.

Unfortunately, even though BioShock Infinite is much more a reality than it ever was in 2011, it is still a game that needs a concerted developmental effort in order to truly come together. And it is with that sentiment in mind that we bring you the news that Infinite has once again been delayed, this time for polish and bug fixing.

Now this isn’t as substantial a delay as the first, mind you — it’s only being pushed back until March 26th — but anytime a game gets delayed gamers are bound to pay attention, and more importantly start asking questions. Irrational, however, was smart about this delay, and announced it in conjunction with a preview event that introduced a select few to the early hours of the game.

Unlike the E3 demo, what was on display seems to be the foundation of what will invariably makeup the entirety of BioShock Infinite’s experience, from the story to the gameplay. Some things have changed along the way, sure, but as well as we can surmise, the title’s core concepts seem to be well represented.

And now that we know BioShock Infinite is not some fever dream, but is in fact a real game that makes this additional delay much harder to bare. Still, if it means a better end product, especially for a game that could send this console generation off in splendid fashion, then we suppose another month isn’t the end of the world.

Anna Moleva BioShock Infinite Cosplay

As an added little news tidbit for BioShock Infinite fans out there, we wanted to also report that Irrational Games has hired Anna Moleva to help bring the character of Elizabeth to life on the game’s box art, key art, and in an upcoming TV ad. Irrational apparently caught wind that Moleva, while in costume, bares a striking resemblance to the character, and thought why not use her when attempting to create some lifelike images.

How do you feel about another BioShock Infinite delay? Does knowing the game is now in a very playable state make the delay tolerable?

BioShock Infinite is now slated to release March 26, 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Irrational Games