‘BioShock Infinite – Burial at Sea: Episode 2’ Teaser Delivers Several Surprises

By | 3 years ago 

In the BioShock universe surprise is everything. In the first BioShock that idea coalesced into a reveal few saw coming, and left us floored as a result. In Infinite, that surprise took a little longer to form, and required much reflection, but was nonetheless impactful.

But what if those two surprises were one in the same? What if everything we knew about one universe actually informed the other? With the release of BioShock Infinite – Burial at Sea: Episode 2 we might soon have an answer to that question.

Earlier today Irrational Games debuted a new teaser trailer for Episode 2 of Burial at Sea that sets the ground rules for what is to come. Since it immediately builds off of the ending to Episode 1 it is obviously not for the spoiler-phobic. In fact, if you want to go into Episode 2 completely fresh, we suggest avoiding any story descriptions for this chapter. Those who want to know more, however, should check out the trailer above and then read on.

As gamers can see in the trailer, Episode 2 puts players in control of Elizabeth as promised. However, in addition to confirming a new playable character, the trailer also reveals some surprising, and spoilerific details about the forthcoming chapter.

Burial at Sea Episode 2 Teaser Trailer

Unless Irrational is playing games — and this wouldn’t be the first time — it appears that Episode 2 will center on Elizabeth’s efforts to get Frank Fontaine (a.k.a. Atlas) back to Rapture. As we learned in Episode 1 of Burial at Sea, many of Rapture’s former residents were outcast to a deeper, darker, and more mysterious “city.” As it turns out, Fontaine was one of those former residents, and it appears Elizabeth may hold the key to his return to Rapture.

Elizabeth won’t be alone in her quest to recover Sally, however; as the trailer shows, Infinite‘s Booker, or at least who we assume to be Infinite‘s Booker, accompanies her. His appearance, both the why and the how, is still a mystery, but it sounds like Booker will be the one guiding Elizabeth this time around.

Of course, the big question on every BioShock fans’ mind is whether or not Elizabeth’s actions in Episode 2 will have an impact on the story in the first BioShock. Given this set-up for Burial at Sea: Episode 2 it seems like she does, but that’s only based on this very early scene. Irrational has shown time and time again that they aren’t afraid to tinker with their own universe, and to subvert fans’ expectations, so there’s no reason to think they won’t do so again.

Yet, as a first tease, this trailer fits the bill nicely, even if it might give away more than we expected. Now would you kindly please release this next DLC episode immediately?

What do you make of this Burial at Sea: Episode 2 trailer? How do you hope this episode’s story factors into the entire BioShock universe?

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea — Episode 2 does not yet have a release date.