BioShock Creator's Next Game is an Open World FPS

BioShock Creator's Next Game is an Open World FPS - Ken Levine

A new job posting suggests that the mysterious video game BioShock and System Shock 2 developer Ken Levine is creating will be an open world first-person shooter.

It's been awhile since we've heard anything new in regards to Ken Levine's next game. Levine, the creative mind behind games like BioShock and BioShock Infinite, has been especially secretive about his next venture, though a recent job posting offers clues as to what it may entail.

Apparently, Levine's next game will be an open world FPS. The job posting states Levine's studio is looking to hire someone that has experience developing open world or semi-open world (such as Borderlands 2 and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor) games to aid in the development of their new project.

Currently, little else is known about the game except that it will likely sport a science-fiction setting, and it will focus on the players' relationships with NPCs. Levine hasn't shown any gameplay footage, concept art, or anything of that nature, so it's hard to gauge just how far along in development the project actually is since it was announced back in early 2014. Of course, development presumably began around that time, if not slightly earlier, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect to hear more concrete information about the game in 2016.

BioShock Infinite Falling
Ken Levine's last game was BioShock Infinite, which released in 2013

In any case, this job posting is the first we've heard about the game for almost a year now, so the details provided by it regarding the game's genre are much appreciated. When one considers Levine's long history of working on first-person shooter games, it's not all that surprising that this new game is an FPS, but some probably didn't expect it to also be an open world title.

That being said, Levine somewhat hinted at this in the past. Previously, he praised Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and pointed to it as inspiration for his new game. Considering the "semi-open world" of Shadows of Mordor, it makes sense that Levine's new game is following in the footsteps of its inspiration, and will be open world as well.

Ultimately, the open world structure seems like a reasonable avenue to explore, especially considering Levine's goals with his new project. He has expressed an interesting in creating a game with a non-linear narrative structure, and open world games provide the perfect opportunity to do just that. Levine has proven himself to be one of the top tier storytellers in gaming with his previous works, and it will be interesting to see how he fares when attempting to craft a tale for what appears to be quite an ambitious project.

Ken Levine's next game doesn't have a title yet, but we do know that it is currently in development for the PC.

Source: VG 24/7

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