An official 2K Games website shows up online and reveals the existence of BioShock: The Collection ahead of an actual announcement for the forthcoming release.

After 2K Games put out a tweet on its official Twitter page telling fans to follow the BioShock account ostensibly in preparation of an announcement of some kind, it seems as if the studio then inadvertently revealed the release of a compendium for the first-person shooter series on its website, as text was posted with the title BioShock: The Collection as a header. The discovery and screenshot of the instance found below comes from the fine folks over at All Games Delta.

Not only did 2K Games accidentally list BioShock: The Collection ahead of its official reveal, but the company also uploaded the anthology’s cover art, as well as some additional artwork depicting two video game cities no one wants to live in—Rapture and Columbia, that is—onto its servers, both of which can be seen below. Interestingly, although the cat’s out of the bag, so to speak, the developer and publisher has yet to officially acknowledge the compendium, as no further details have been divulged as of writing.

While fans await 2K Games’ direct referral to BioShock: The Collection via blog post, social media statement, or press release, it’s safe to say that the anthology has been rumored for quite a while now, with many simply speculating as to when the studio would provide a release date. As it happens, the rumors began as long ago as September of 2015 when the South African retailer Raru’s website listed BioShock: The Collection as a PS4 and Xbox One release.



The belief of BioShock: The Collection getting a release continued, for in February 2016, the Brazil Advisory Rating Board published a rating for it, suggesting that fans would get to play the award-winning games on current generation platforms. The very next month, in fact, it seemed as if the collection was inevitable, as the ESRB board provided a listing for the compendium, further teasing its eventual availability.

Considering the fact that it’s been over three years since the release of the last entry in the franchise with BioShock: Infinite, should 2K Games finally unveil the collection for the trilogy, the company will definitely have another hit on its hands and revive interest in another installment. After all, many already deem the titles to be among the top games of the last generation, and with the power of current systems, the releases are sure to shine even brighter. Plus, even though BioShock‘s creator of Irrational Games closed down in 2014, with 2K Marin retaining the rights, a sequel seems incredibly likely.

What do you think about 2K Games releasing BioShock: The Collection? Would you be interested in revisiting the series with updated graphics? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

BioShock: The Collection has yet to be officially announced, but it’s expected to at least release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: All Games Delta (via GameSpot)