BioShock Collection Finally Gets Important PC Patch


2K finally releases a patch for BioShock: The Collection on PC, addressing issues such as mouse acceleration, crashing at regular intervals, and mouse button mapping.

Released last month, BioShock: The Collection rocketed to the top of the sales charts as gamers were eager to get their hands on the 1080p remasters of the critically acclaimed titles. Unfortunately, the collection's sales success was overshadowed by its PC problems. Players faced many issues including mouse acceleration trouble, crashes at regular intervals and the game also reverts to default settings (ignoring any changes gamers my have made) each time it crashes too.

Thankfully though, 2K has now made good on its promises to release a BioShock: The Collection PC patch. Available now, the update introduces a plethora of fixes for both BioShock and BioShock 2, including: an adjustable field of view (75 to 130), fixes for mouse button assignments 4 and 5, adjustable mouse icon size that will also scale with resolution, 21:9 resolutions are now supported and the UI also supports two modes (stretch or centered) at these resolutions. Both games have also received "miscellaneous bug fixes."

While most players seem to be reporting a remarkable improvement in the game's performance, others say that issues such as mouse acceleration and the default settings problem (including difficulty settings resetting every time the game is closed) have remained. Additionally, frame rate drops are being reported, particularly in combat, making BioShock: The Collectionanother PC release to experience frame rate controversy alongside Mafia 3 PC.

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The patch is surely just a first step in making the game run on PC as intended and 2K does encourage players to keep reporting problems to its support team. But while 2K's attitude towards fixing the problems as well as the short time it has taken for the company to address the issues are a positive, many PC gamers will be asking why once again a major release on their platform has had so many problems at launch.

Other games to have major PC problems include No Man's Sky, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, The Division and Batman: The Telltale Series. Many will be quick to note that while none of these games had absolutely game-breaking issues, the crashes and graphical troubles experienced by gamers, even weeks after launch, are certainly unacceptable.

Unfortunately, the amount of games facing PC problems is growing at a steady pace despite the concern and backlash from PC gamers. As was the case with BioShock: The Collection it seems that gamers may have to settle for post-launch patches released in reasonable time frames.

Source: Steam

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