Although the game has yet to be officially announced by Take-Two Interactive, a Taiwanese regulation board reveals the rating and alleged box art for BioShock: The Collection.

When rumors started coming out about an upcoming HD compilation of all three BioShock games, titled BioShock: The Collection, the disappointment of Irrational Games shutting down and moving on from the BioShock franchise quickly turned into excitement. Despite a number of indications about the existence of BioShock: The Collection, the game hasn’t actually been officially revealed by Take-Two Interactive yet. But based on the findings of an eagle-eyed Twitter user today, it appears that BioShock: The Collection may indeed be on the way.

Twitter user Lifelower spotted BioShock: The Collection being listed on a Taiwanese regulation board website, and quickly tweeted out the link. While no release date was mentioned anywhere, the website reveals the Xbox One rating for BioShock: The Collection, as well as some pretty official-looking box art for the compilation.

After getting a rating from the Brazil Advisory Ratings board a few months ago, this box art leak and Taiwanese rating provides further evidence that gamers may soon be able to revisit a newly HD remastered version of Rapture and Columbia. While BioShock: The Collection still remains as a rumor at this point, Take-Two Interactive CEO Stauss Zelnick has stated that more BioShock sequels are on the way. But despite Zelnick’s insistence on continuing BioShock, there have been no indications of any upcoming adventures to Rapture, Columbia, or a new setting.

While it may be a good thing that Take-Two is taking its time to make a high-quality BioShock follow-up that’s comparable to its predecessors, there is a worry that the continuation of BioShock without series creator Ken Levine or Irrational Games could result in the franchise going downhill. With the existence of BioShock: The Collection still unconfirmed despite the ratings and alleged box art, and the future of the BioShock franchise up in the air, it remains to be seen how this will all play out for Take-Two.

Should BioShock: The Collection indeed turn out to be a false rumor, gamers will at least have Ken Levine’s next game to look forward to. With evidence suggesting that Levine’s new game will be an open world first-person shooter, and that the upcoming title will be influenced by Fallout, Dark Souls, and System Shock, it appears that gamers may soon have something that will wipe away the pain of never revisiting Rapture or Columbia again.

BioShock: The Collection may have been given a rating, but 2K Games has yet to announce the title itself, much less a release date.

Source: GameRating (via GameSpot)