Unfortunately for THQ Nordic, BioMutant, the publisher’s post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu action RPG, leaked ahead of an official announcement at gamescom 2017. But the company along with the game’s developer, Experiment 101, seem to have gotten over it and have been revealing more about the game at the German event.

The very first BioMutant gameplay trailer has now debuted. In the footage, which is just over a minute of stitched together scenes, the anthropomorphic player character can be seen roaming through a picturesque land that ranges from a lush space by the water, a blistering desert, and an ice cold area as well. Given that the game is being developed by former Just Cause developers, it comes as no surprise that this open-world title also looks amazing.

The player character, who appears to be some sort of cross between a cat and a raccoon, will get up to plenty of hi-jinks. Players will be able to cross the land in rickety old hot air balloons and mech suits, or zoom across the water on a hoverbike-style contraption. There is even a clockwork hand that allows players to flick, shoot, and stomp on enemies foolish enough to cross paths. There are also more standard forms of combat (with pistols and swords) and puzzle-solving is briefly featured too.

However, the trailer doesn’t provide many finer details on exactly how the character mutations system will work. THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 have explained that players can “change their character’s abilities and appearance with powerful mutations, bionic prosthetics, and weapons,” with the genetic modifications even changing how the protagonist may look. BioMutant could potentially offer one of the most extensive character customization features seen in a game, or at least offer players plenty of freedom with their play styles.

BioMutant doesn’t release until some time next year, and so THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 have plenty of time to reveal more details about the game, including its character’s motivations and how the quest system will work. There will also be time to shed more light on the character customization element which looks to be its biggest selling point.

2018 also sees the arrival of BioWare’s new IP Anthem, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5, and Square Enix will launch the Lost Sphear RPG as well. That’s great news for fans of open-world video games, but it means that BioMutant will be faced with an awful lot of competition.

BioMutant will release in 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.