The latest trailer for Sega’s upcoming science-fiction shooter, Binary Domain has hit the web. Unlike the announcement cinematic trailer, this new one focuses on two things. The first is giving us a look at actual gameplay footage, letting us peek at the graphics and combat. The second is undoubtedly to pimp the game’s story.

At first glance, Binary Domain looks like many other science fiction stories involving AI hellbent on speeding up natural selection, but as we reported in our announcement coverage, the developer is seeking to deliver a much deeper and more involved story than the norm. Aside from delivering a fun action game, Binary Domain will also explore the subtleties of life. The trailer keeps all of this in mind, adopting an appropriate tone. It manages to capture desperation, sadness and fast-paced action all at once. The complexity of the game’s themes are perfectly complimented by the music used in the trailer (“Aren’t We All Running” by 65daysofstatic).

Beginning with some establishing shots of future Tokyo, the Binary Domain trailer briefly explains the game’s premise of advanced robots slowly becoming conscious and subsequently turning on their creators. After some shots from in-game cutscenes, we are treated to a few shots of combat. As far as weapons go, the layout seems to be pretty standard fare. We see an assault rifle as well as some heavy firepower (rocket launcher, heavy machine gun). Also, unsurprising in today’s post-Gears of War world, we see a cover system being employed.


More interestingly, there are a few seconds where we see a vehicular chase scene, in which the player is controlling a futuristic jet ski. There’s also some footage of the player sliding down some kind of obstacle-filled sewer system. This all points toward special missions in the game that break from the regular shoot and cover gameplay.

The trailer is spectacular and definitely builds anticipation for the game however, it doesn’t do much to convince that this game will stand out from the hordes of shooters we already have and that are coming out later this year. The narrative, while intriguing, fails to significantly differentiate itself from many stories within the same genre such as Battlestar Galactica. The main characters seem 2-dimensional at best, but that shot of the hysterical android stands out. More than anything else in that entire trailer, that shot is a sign of a potentially visceral and cinematic narrative, with all the icky philosophical complexities one should expect when dealing with an AI story. Sure it looks a lot like Terminator, but unlike Terminator, this robot so clearly and nakedly displays emotions that it makes one wonder if the robots are equal to us; something that isn’t quite explored in the Terminator films. If that screenshot is any indication of the game to come, Binary Domain will become a major hit in 2012 when it releases.

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