With the wealth of Pokemon-related content and news that’s been showering 3DS owners in recent months, it’s surprising that the entirety of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are both still largely a mystery.

Other than the initial reveal that introduced fans to the games’ starter and Legendary Pokemon, there’s been a very slow stream of new information released about the highly anticipated pair of titles. Fortunately, a wealth of new information on the games may be rushing in at some point in the very near future.

According to Serebii, the Japanese variety show Pokemon Smash will be revealing a ton of new details about Pokemon X and Y on its May 19th broadcast. One of Game Freak’s founding members and director of the board, Junichi Masuda, will be on-hand to deliver the big news himself — much to the delight of fans everywhere. What Masuda will be talking about is a mystery, but more details about the new region and the Pokemon that inhabit it are safe bets.

May 19th may sound a little too far away for some impatient gamers, and if that’s the case then they’ll find comfort in knowing that Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro is set to hit news stands this Wednesday. Apparently the publication will also feature a copious amount of details on X and Y, and the magazine’s contents have been known to leak several days before it makes its way to retailers and subscribers.

Following the unveiling of a new Eevee evolution and even a new Mewtwo form, there’s no telling what in-game content Game Freak may reveal next. Given that both titles are scheduled to launch worldwide this October — not to mention that E3 2013 is right around the corner — some more key details on Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are bound to surface very soon.

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Source: Serebii