‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Has Sold a Million Copies

By | 3 years ago 

Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls was one of the more notable releases of last year, and was certainly pretty divisive. Some gamers loved it (Game Rant’s own Ben Kendrick picked it as his Game of the Year) while some didn’t, and it sparked a lot of interesting discussions about the defining line between video games and interactive stories, and whether story-based or character-driven games should aspire to be more like films.

It also didn’t hurt that Beyond: Two Souls starred Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page in the lead roles, recognizable as themselves thanks to the character modelling and performance capture technology employed by developer Quantic Dream. Whether deserving of it or not, Beyond: Two Souls drew attention to the ever-maturing approach to video game writing and was held up as an example of games rivaling Hollywood movies.

All that buzz has paid off, it seems, as Quantic Dream has announced that Beyond: Two Souls sold over a million copies by Christmas 2013. That was a little over two months after the game’s release, which means that Beyond: Two Souls will likely end up doing as well in sales as Quantic Dream’s previous title, Heavy Rain, which sold over 2 million copies in its first year.

Beyond Two Souls Ellen Page Motion Capture

Quantic Dream celebrated the milestone with a page on its website titled “Thanks a million,” with a word cloud featuring the most commonly used words from user comments about Beyond: Two Souls, and rolling a cursor over the words will bring up quotes from gamers who enjoyed the title. It’s a touching thank-you tribute to all those who bought and enjoyed the game, and for those who didn’t enjoy it… well, thanks for buying it anyway.

Creative director David Cage has been very vocal about his views on video games and his own personal vision, and Quantic Dream titles always manage to at least be unique and memorable. Cage’s goal of making games about subjects beyond the usual gunplay and combat is an admirable one and the results are pretty interesting, even if it’s an approach that doesn’t quite feel like it’s been perfected yet.

Beyond: Two Souls is available now on PS3.


Source: Quantic Dream