Buzz surrounding an inevitable Beyond: Two Souls port to the PS4 is heating up again this week. There has been talk of the recreation of the PS3 title from developer Quantic Dream for months now, but a new PlayStation 4 trophy list for the title leaking online has added fuel to the fire that fans might have a chance to meet even more realistic looking digital versions of Hollywood stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe who play the game’s protagonists.

It seems as if Sony is beginning to build quite a library of PS3 games and remastering and slightly reworking them in order to re-release them to their newer home console. The first of these titles was The Last of Us: Remastered. That release was the same version of the original PS3 title, though it did collect the original story and the DLC and put it together in one edition with enhanced visuals.

It seemed likely The Last of Us may have been more of a test case than a standalone port at the time. The leaked PS4 trophy list for Beyond: Two Souls appears to be confirmation of that. Much like TLOU’s remastered version, early indications are there won’t be a lot of new content made available for this next generation version of Quantic’s latest. In fact, the trophy list looks identical to the original one featured in the PS3 version.

Beyond Two Souls Cage Page Acting

Should these rumors be true and if we are about to see a remastered version of  Beyond: Two Souls, there could be a few new little features added. Just a few days ago, another report indicated that the PS4 version could basically be a “director’s cut” with a number of scenes that were deleted from the PS3 release.

It should be noted all this speculation could be for naught. While the rumors have been flowing since the middle of the summer, there has never been any official confirmation of Beyond: Two Souls for PS4. In July, two retailers listed a remastered version of the game, but were quick to pull the listings down once gaming news sites caught wind. Sony has been fielding questions about the official existence of the title since that slip-up but has steadfastly refused to confirm as per usual.

With the release of the trophy list, as well as the retail game listings and one developer claiming he’s working on the control layout for the next generation port, it’s all but confirmed that the game will be officially announced for PS4 sometime in the near future. Sony’s continued silence doesn’t seem to be tamping down enthusiasm for a game that featured stunning graphics on the previous generation’s console.

It seems likely that should a port of Beyond: Two Souls eventually launch it would carry an early 2015 date, rather than be available later this year.

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