In Beyond: Two Souls, players take on the role of Jodie (Ellen Page), a character with a troubled past. As developer Quantic Dream‘s maestro, David Cage, explains Jodie has an otherworldly connection with a supernatural being called Aiden.

With Aiden by her side, Jodie can interact with the game’s environments in ways that are otherwise impossible. Moreover, as she tries to discover Aiden’s true purpose, she must also avoid hot pursuit from various government officials. Chief among them being Nathan Dawkins, who is voiced in the game by Willem Dafoe.

Now, all of this makes up the general basis for Beyond: Two Souls‘ story, but it would be hard to glean that much from the game’s box art, which was unveiled today. Unlike a lot of the sub-par, or downright bad box art that we have seen in the past, though, this game’s image is stark and bold.

The box art doesn’t inform players about the game’s unique experience, which Cage says will be different for everybody, but puts Jodie front and center. As well, it teases the emotional journey the character will undertake, as she tries to understand her supernatural connection with Aiden.

Check out the full box art below [click for high-res version]:

Beyond also promises to be a uniquely interactive experience, akin to that of a playable movie. Quantic Dream’s critically acclaimed game Heavy Rain offered a similar gameplay experience, but this game takes that concept and pushes it even further.

Like a movie one-sheet, the game’s box art gives its two principal actors — Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe — top billing, making sure gamers know the talent involved. After all it is thanks to Page and Dafoe’s motion capture performance that Quantic Dream is able to bring these characters to life, and communicate genuine emotion.

According to Derek Osgood, Sony’s Associate Product Marketing Manager, the box art for Beyond feels “sophisticated, mature, and different from most traditional game packaging, and it really captures the emotion Ellen Page conveyed in her performance as Jodie.”

Regardless of what Sony chose, it was going to be hard to sell a game like Beyond: Two Souls with a single image, but there’s no denying the box art is eye-catching.

And if gamers want to see more of Beyond, Sony has a screening planned at the Tribeca Film Festival that they plan to live stream at the same time. The live stream will include a Q&A with David Cage and Ellen Page and is slated for the 27th of this month.

What do you think of the box art for Beyond: Two Souls? Do you think the image is intriguing enough to sell casual gamers on the title?

Beyond: Two Souls releases October 8, 2013 for the PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog