For a while now, gamers have been following the progress of an upcoming mod for Bethesda’s open-world RPG Skyrim, which seeks to enhance the game by adding even more content to the already expansive title. The mod is called Beyond Skyrim and looks to include the Cyrodiil region, which players first visited in Oblivion, to the latest Elder Scrolls experience.

Now the developers behind the mod have released a new trailer, showing off a new region of Cyrodiil which is finally ready to explore. The Beyond Skyrim footage reveals that the Bruma region will be available to download on July 1, 2017, meaning that the wait to visit the mostly snow-covered area will not be a long one.

Aside from getting to visit the large, primarily Nordic city once more, the mod pack also includes new quests to keep the players interested. Most impressively, the developers have included 24,000 lines of actual voiced dialogue, as well as over 3 hours of original music content in their addition to the game.

New weapons, armor, spells, and ingredients have also been produced, specially for the region. It’s also worth noting that this update alone brings a new area to Skyrim┬áthat is 1.5x larger than the one Bethesda’s official Dragonborn expansion added.

An incredible amount of time and effort has been put into the mod so far, especially considering that we received our first teaser for Bruma’s release back in March of 2014. Of course, the lengthy waiting period is likely due to the development team being unable to make any real profit from this work, so it’s understandable that the mod has taken so long to launch up to this point.

The talented Beyond Skyrim team hope to one day release a series of interlinked regions to the base game, which eventually will allow players to visit every region of Tamriel. It’s a tremendous goal to work towards but judging by their current work, we’ll be booting up Skyrim whenever the next release is set to launch.

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma is set to launch on July 1 for PC.