Beyond Good & Evil Trademark Renewed by Ubisoft

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Trademark Renewed by Ubisoft - Jade and Pey'j Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubisoft renews various trademarks for Beyond Good & Evil, fueling speculation that an update on the long in-development Beyond Good & Evil 2 could come soon.

Fans that have been waiting for Beyond Good & Evil 2 may have reason to celebrate soon. That is because Ubisoft has filed trademarks for Beyond Good & Evil with the European Union Intellectual Property Office that include game software, online components to game software, clothes, and other merchandise.

While trademarks are filed all the time only for nothing to come of it, this could be a sign that Beyond Good & Evil 2 may finally see the light of day. This is because Ubisoft has filed these trademarks just a month after rumors began circulating that Nintendo has stepped in to finance the game in exchange for Beyond Good & Evil 2 being a Nintendo NX exclusive.

This, combined with the fact that Ubisoft is adamant that Michel Ancel is still working on Beyond Good & Evil 2, has fueled speculation that the game is finally seeing significant development progress. Ubisoft filing these trademarks shows that the company is, at the very least, interested in protecting its rights to the IP, and may be aiming to utilize it in some fashion in the future.

If the trademark filings do indicate that substantial Beyond Good & Evil 2 news is coming soon, it will be interesting to see if the Nintendo NX rumors are true. It will also be interesting to see if Ubisoft has Michel Ancel himself reintroduce the game to the world, especially since he is currently busy working on the PlayStation 4 exclusive game Wild.

Beyond Good And Evil 2 Still In Development

Speaking of Wild, if development on Beyond Good & Evil 2 has stalled again, Ancel's work on Wild could be to blame. After all, development on the game came to a halt previously when Ancel became busy with Rayman Origins, so it's reasonable to assume that his work on other projects is in part to blame for Beyond Good & Evil 2 still not being finished.

The game has been in development for quite a long time, and whenever the public does see it again, it may not look much like the Beyond Good & Evil 2 we've seen before. The last time we saw anything official in regards to Beyond Good & Evil 2 was when footage leaked four years ago, showing off one of the game's potential environments. Since that time, the industry has moved into a new generation of home consoles, which could mean that the previous work was scrapped in favor of maximizing the game's potential on new hardware.

Whatever form Beyond Good & Evil 2 takes, hopefully the trademark filings are a sign that Ubisoft is ready to show the game to the public again soon. It's been too long since fans have seen anything significant on the sequel, and there's the potential that they could lose interest if too much time passes.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is reportedly in development for unspecified platforms.

Source: Shack News

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