'Beyond Good & Evil HD' Coming to PSN This May

Beyond Good Evil HD PS3 Release Date May

In case you have yet to experience Ubisoft's puzzle-based action title Beyond Good & Evil HD, remastered in glorious high-definition, you'll soon have another chance to see what all the buzz is about. While the game may have already been launched on Xbox Live, PS3 owners of the world can now mark their calendars in anticipation of a May release date on PSN.

It's not easy to describe the gameplay or story of Beyond Good & Evil HD, but the title gives plenty indication of just what heights the developers were aspiring to. A mixture of combat, stealth navigation, item collection and puzzle solving, Ubisoft's critically-acclaimed BG&E is likely to have something for everybody.

Even though the game makes no attempt to paint a realistic picture of human beings or pig-people, serious gamers will immediately be able to draw a few comparisons between BG&E and Ubisoft's latest franchise, Assassin's Creed.

The evolution is clear to those familiar with both, which only makes the Beyond Good & Evil 2 concept video leaked from the developer that much more tantalizing.

If our review of Beyond Good & Evil HD wasn't enough to convince you that the game was worth a look, then hopefully knowing that yet another console has taken the opportunity to get their hands on the new and improved product should do the trick.

As an added bonus, those who download the game from PSN in the first two weeks of release will receive two free avatars of the game's hero Jade and her Uncle Pey-j, with which to decorate their PSN card. Xbox 360 owners received no such bonus, so PS3 owners should count themselves lucky.

Given the fact that the game's producer has said successful HD sales could help a sequel become a reality, fans of the series will likely be giving their money to not only enjoy a classic actioner, but do their part to see a proper next-gen release of Beyond Good & Evil 2. Ubisoft has released a short teaser for the sequel, but the game is far from guaranteed.

PS3 owners can put their weight behind future titles by downloading Beyond Good & Evil HD from PSN sometime in May. We'll bring you the exact date when it's released.

Source: PS Blog

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