Rumor: Beyond Good and Evil 2 Platforms Confirmed?

It's fair to say that the trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 was one of the most exciting announcements of E3 2017. The game, which has long been in development hell, was thought by many to be nothing more than vaporware. However, Ubisoft changed that mindset entirely with the reveal of the game's E3 2017 trailer, leading many to wonder exactly how they would be able to play the game. Now, the question of platform availability may have been answered.

Although the platforms of Beyond Good and Evil 2 have not been confirmed by Ubisoft officially, the game's beta signup system might have given this information away. Over on the Beyond Good and Evil website, fans are given the chance to sign up to the game's Space Monkey Program, which invites gamers to take part in the game through the stages of its development. As part of the signup process, would-be testers are asked for their platform of preference, and are given the options of PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

Although it's possible that this is not the final list of platforms available for the game, and that systems may be added or removed after this initial signup stage, it would make sense for Ubisoft to open up testing for the game on all planned systems. However, that does leave off one very important player in the video game industry: Nintendo.

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Recently, rumors have been flying that point towards Beyond Good and Evil 2 being a timed Nintendo Switch exclusive, with some suggesting that Nintendo was helping to fund the project in return for a temporary exclusivity deal. If the Space Monkey Program signup page is correct, then it brings to mind two options: that the Switch version of the game is still being kept secret, or that at the moment the Switch exclusivity rumor is not entirely accurate.

The Nintendo tie to Beyond Good and Evil is a rumor that had been circulating for some time, with initial whispers starting in March of last year. As such, many thought it was a matter of when - not if - the deal was announced, but it's odd to see Switch not being an available as an option on the beta signup.

Thankfully, the issue of platform availability for Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be resolved sooner rather than later, but at least until then fans of the original game can rest easy in the knowledge that the game will be coming. What's more, based on the Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay details revealed by Michel Ancel, the project could be quite something.

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Source: Beyond Good and Evil 2 (via NeoGAF)

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