Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay Details Revealed by Creator

Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay details

During its E3 2017 press conference yesterday, Ubisoft revealed a brand new Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer. Fans were delighted with the video but unfortunately, it was entirely in CGI and offered no gameplay.

Ubisoft has already promised some features, including an open world that players can explore alone or with a friend, but now the game's creator Michel Ancel has teased even more gameplay details. One feature confirmed by Ancel in the Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer breakdown below is destructible environments.

The city seen in the trailer is described as being very "vertical" and "spiritual" by Ancel and above a certain level it is clearly inspired by older cultures and is made of materials like glass. Not all things in the city can be destroyed because that's technically impossible, says Ancel, but players should expect to be able to cause a bit of mayhem. "In the real game, there will be things you can break and things you can't break and I want that to be obvious for people," says the Beyond Good and Evil 2 creator.

Ancel also teased different gameplay dynamics and maneuvers that Beyond Good and Evil 2 players could potentially pull off. When primate hybrid Knox makes a quick get away after fleecing the pig, he uses an extendable paw to shatter the glass ceiling and get out of dodge, before firing up his jet pack and meeting up with a crewmate named Shani. Shani and Knox flee from the law on a bike, as Shani swerves and dodges and Knox fires a gun at the authorities. Vehicles are made with "different positions," allowing for "different roles" and so players can expect more than just a hover-bike when the final game launches.

At this point, it's unclear exactly when Ubisoft will properly show off actual gameplay. Beyond Good and Evil 2 entered pre-production less than a year ago, meaning that Ancel and co. may be a long way away from showing the game in action.

Positively though, Ancel also revealed that the trailer is full of hidden secrets and easter eggs, from the jade green color of the spaceship pilot's eyes to the phrase 'Pey'j' whispered by the pig when he sees the chocolate pig statue. So even if gameplay footage isn't revealed any time soon, fans will be able to occupy themselves by uncovering these tidbits.

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 is currently in development. No platforms or a release date have been announced.

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