Rumor: Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a Timed Nintendo Switch Exclusive


Beyond Good and Evil 2 may be a timed exclusive on the Nintendo Switch, if rumors are to be believed. Ubisoft re-announced the game earlier today by showcasing a new trailer for the game during its E3 2017 press conference.

The suggestion that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be a timed Switch exclusive comes from high profile leaker and journalist Laura Kate Dale. Dale claims to have spoken to sources who have confirmed that Nintendo is partly funding the upcoming Ubisoft game and also points out that although the first Beyond Good and Evil was a "critical darling," it sold poorly. Nintendo's funding "offsets risks" for Ubisoft in return for keeping the game a Nintendo Switch exclusive for one year.

While leaks surrounding E3 tend to be highly suspect, Dale has been suggesting the game will be a Nintendo timed exclusive since March 2016. And while it's also important to question the validity of any leak, it should be noted that Dale is the same journalist who stated that Beyond Good and Evil 2 would be at E3 2017 even when the game's creator Michel Ancel suggested that it wouldn't be.

Additionally, Dale leaked the news that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, also calling it XCOM for children, with that game being announced today with that style. All of this information came from the same source that informed the journalist about the Beyond Good and Evil 2 exclusivity deal. Not only did this same source state that the game would be revealed with a CGI trailer, but they also said that Grant Kirkhope would be composing the music for the Mario + Rabbids game, something which Nintendo itself has now confirmed.

Many will remain hesitant, even despite the fact that Ubisoft did not announce platforms for the game during the press conference. Some have already made the argument that the Switch could not possibly run graphics like those seen in the trailer, to which Dale has countered that it's just CGI and the final product may look nothing like that.

Hopefully putting doubts to bed, Dale suspects that official announcement about this timed exclusivity will take place tomorrow during the Nintendo E3 2017 press conference. Nintendo's E3 presser is expected to be incredibly brief, at an estimated 25 minutes, but it wouldn't take the company long to confirm that it will have Ancel's game all to itself for a year before it goes on to talk up other upcoming Nintendo Switch games.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is currently in development, no platforms nor a release window have been announced.

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