‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ Launching On Next-Gen Consoles

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Coming To Next-Gen

Gamers have been very patient these past few years, waiting what feels like forever just to hear some good news about Beyond Good & Evil 2. In a bittersweet turn of events, we’ll all have to wait just a bit longer to play the game, because it is in development for next-gen consoles!

Michel Ancel, the mastermind behind both the original game and the Rayman series, said in a video interview that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in development, but that his team needs more powerful tech to realize its vision. It looks like we can all forget about the game hitting current-gen consoles.

That being said, Ancel still isn’t sure which of the next-gen platforms gamers can expect the game to launch on — he and his studio are focused on creating the game first. If the Xbox 720 truly has a 16-core CPU, hardware power shouldn’t be an issue. Seeing as the original Beyond Good & Evil was available on both the Xbox and PS2, and received an HD upgrade for the PS3/Xbox 360, it’d be hard to imagine the sequel not launching on both Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles.

“We focus on the game. We create it first, then we’ll see what can run it. We don’t say 2013 because we don’t know when it will come. We’re working to create a great game and it needs more tech.”

In addition to Beyond Good & Evil 2, Ancel and company are currently at work crafting Rayman Legends for launch on the Wii U, as well as other unannounced platforms. While little is factually known about the power of the Wii successor, it is still a next-gen console, and given Ubisoft’s plans, a Wii U port of BG&E 2 doesn’t sound out of the question. One thing is for sure, though — it probably won’t end up being a launch title.

As unfortunate as it is that the wait for Beyond Good & Evil 2 is even lengthier than we imagined, the fact that it is still in development is some welcome news. It seems we’ll have to wait for the official unveiling of the next-gen consoles before we hear anything about the sequel, though, so let’s all cross our fingers and hope Sony and Microsoft were lying about not showing anything at E3.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is currently in development for next-gen consoles.

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