Creator Michel Ancel may have only hinted at Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay details, but now fans can see the game in action for themselves. A behind the scenes video provides a brief glimpse at gameplay footage.

In the video, Michel Ancel and several other developers from the Ubisoft Montpellier team reveal more about the game. The developers present concept art of several characters, discuss how the world was built and the social hierarchy at the heart of System 3. Fans can also catch their first look at Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay.

Around the 3:45 mark, fans can see hybrid monkey character Knox using his jetpack to fly around one of the giant statues on top of the city’s temples. The Beyond Good and Evil 2 reveal trailer at E3 2017 did show the character jet-packing up to meet Shani before the two make a getaway, but this new footage is a confirmation that players will be able to travel even further with the piece of kit.

Not only can Knox be seen flying around a spaceship above the clouds, the footage also shows Knox standing on top of a temple. This is significant as hybrids aren’t actually allowed to enter those temples, despite their slave labor being used to build them.

The video also shows a pirate spaceship in action, though it’s unclear whether players control space travel instead of it being an automated process. It should also be noted that players will not have immediate access to a spaceship. Beyond Good and Evil 2 players will have a low social standing to begin with and must work their way up to being a pirate captain. They may only have access to a
“space tuk-tuk” at first, says the developer.

Even with additional glimpses of Knox and his jetpack (at the 4:20 mark) this glimpse of gameplay is still all too short. Many fans will be eager to see more from the highly anticipated title.

However, Ancel recently revealed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 development is at “day zero,” so this is still a good sign. The game may still be an incredibly long way off from releasing, but this is at least proof that Ancel and the Ubisoft Montpellier team has something that actually works. Hopefully Ubisoft will show a lot more of the game in action soon.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 does not have a release date.