Horror Driving Game 'Beware' Releases Early Demo


Without a doubt, there are a slew of highly anticipated horror releases for 2018, and many of them will be heavily relying on their atmospherics as a means to evoke trepidation and fear in players daring enough to step into their terrifying worlds. Speaking of spooky environments, the in-development indie horror driving title known as Beware will be leaning on such ethereally sinister design elements, and players can get behind its in-game wheel now by way of an early demo to explore its unsettling locations.

As seen below in the YouTube video uploaded by the user known as Ray Fields, Beware's early demo – which can be downloaded right here – involves players commandeering a rusted out car while shadowy figures chase them around an open world, trying to ram their vehicles off the road and kill them. Along the way, players will piece together various bits of information that have been scattered throughout the landscape in order to determine what exactly is going on and why they're being followed.

Created by the Czech developer known as Ondrej Svadlena, Beware's early demo only has one mission at the moment, in which players have to follow a mysterious individual to the edge of a wooded area. As far as this task and the visuals found in the above video are concerned, Beware's tones and qualities are reminiscent to that of a David Lynch film with a 70s slasher pastiche, while the soundtrack seems to take cues from both John Carpenter's various cinematic scores and Disasterpeace's pulsing music from the movie It Follows.

All things considered, Beware definitely has loads of potential, as the premise alone is intriguing enough for someone to engage with it just in order to see how it all plays out. Plus, even in its early state, the project boasts pretty impressive graphics – particularly when it comes to the lighting and water effects. With any luck, Beware will go on to become a fantastic indie horror game that brings the scares while maintaining a relatively low budget.

Source: IndieDB, Ray Fields – YouTube

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