Bethesda Resolves Westworld Lawsuit with Behaviour Interactive

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This past June, Bethesda Softworks took legal action against developer Behavior Interactive due to similarities between 2015's Fallout Shelter and the latter's Westworld mobile game. Over half a year since the initial allegations, the legal case has been resolved between the two companies.

Bethesda sent out a press release today briefly explaining that both parties have decided to end the lawsuit and move on.

"Bethesda Interactive Softworks and Behaviour Interactive jointly announced today that the parties have amicably resolved the lawsuit Bethesda brought against Behaviour and others related to the Fallout Shelter and Westworld mobile games."

The Westworld mobile game is presented very much the same way as Fallout Shelter with its "ant-farm" style of community building. Bethesda noted many obvious similarities between the two games when it first released over the summer, claiming the art style, design, gameplay elements, and animations are practically copied from Fallout Shelter. It was even noted that a game-breaking bug found in Fallout Shelter before its release can be found in the exact same location in the Westworld mobile title, which raised even more suspicions of the game code being taken directly from the former.

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While Behaviour Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive looked to use the popularity of HBO's Westworld series to influence their free-to-play mobile game, it doesn't appear to have taken off the way they hoped. Critically, the game is doing well, but most of the buzz around it has stemmed from the fact that the game is a reskinned version of Fallout Shelter set in the Westworld universe, rather than its actual gameplay.

Currently, there are no additional details on what's to come out of the lawsuit other than Bethesda's statement. Considering the verbiage of the press release claiming both sides "amicably resolved the lawsuit", it may be as simple as both parties realizing the potential cost of lawyers and courtroom appearances wasn't worth it in the long run. Plus, Bethesda may have other legal issues to worry about following the troubled launch of Fallout 76 this past November.

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