[Update: Bethesda’s reveal was actually the Dishonored trailer.]

What’s better than Kinect voice controls for one of last year’s best video games? No, it’s not motion controls for a motion controller! It’s new content!

Not that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim needs more content, considering how it features unlimited quests (and dragons!) thanks to the Radiant quest system, but sooner or later there will be more to do and more to see in (and around?) Skyrim.

In what we hope is a lesson learned from the nonsensical and infamous Horse Armor DLC from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Bethesda’s director Todd Howard promised last year that DLC for Skyrim would be “substantial” – think Morrowind-style expansions instead of typical DLC. Since then, we’ve heard nothing official on what new content would be coming to Skyrim outside of incremental updates and Kinect-support for Xbox 360 players.

Last month however, Bethesda trademarked the name “Dawnguard” which suspiciously seemed like the potential name of Skyrim DLC or an expansion. Fast forward two weeks to the beginning of April and Bethesda’s PR lead, Pete Hines, teased fans by saying look forward to news about Skyrim and Rage this month.

That time as we learned today through the Bethesda Blog Twitter account is “tomorrow” – the simple phrase they sent along with the following teaser image (we enhanced the face in the image up top but this is the large original):

April 2012 Bethesda Teaser

It’s way too sharp to be in-game graphics for a Bethesda title so we can say it’s a still from a cinematic cutscene, meaning it’s a trailer. Looking at the style of said image, it screams Skyrim as the obvious fitting answer and so we now have more speculation about the long-awaited Skyrim DLC. It looks like a Nordic prisoner of sorts, but the other figure, shrouded in darkness, is what’s grabbing our attention because we cannot make out whether it/he/she is even human…

Bethesda could be intentionally deceiving and it could be a tease for another, unannounced title, perhaps a new Fallout or confirmation that Prey 2 is still happening, but these are the unlikeliest of answers and the image doesn’t look like it’s from Rage – nor do we care about additional Rage content at this point in time.

Let’s just say (and hope) that tomorrow’s major reveal will be for brand new content for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a new expansion of sorts with more integral story and in-game features. And maybe, it’ll be called Dawnguard.

What do you think of Bethesda’s teaser image, and more importantly, what do you want it to be?

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Source: Bethesda