5 Things We Already Know About Bethesda’s Starfield (& 5 Very Likely Possibilities)

In 2018 E3, Bethesda teased a brand-new upcoming title it had reportedly been working on for around a decade. Since then, Starfield has been the object of hype for many Bethesda and sci-fi gaming fans, who are eagerly waiting for the next big original title from Todd Howard's company.

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Although we only have a few interviews and a very short teaser trailer to go off, there's still plenty of information that can be deduced. Let's have a look at five confirmed facts that we know for sure about Starfield, and five very likely things that we predict might be on the menu for this game.

10 Confirmed: Further Ahead Than TES 6

The first question that's been on everyone's mind is when can we expect to get our hands on Starfield. While there are no straight answers to the question, Todd Howard has confirmed that the project is much more ahead in its schedule than The Elder Scrolls VI.

This means there's already some playable content ready for the game, and it might be only a matter of a few more years before more teasers and gameplay footage are released. On another note, sorry TES fans, your highly-anticipated game will still have to wait!

9 Likely: Open-World

Based on all the hints received, it's very likely that Starfield will be an open-world game. If we look at Bethesda's previous hit games, all of them have featured very intricately built and designed open-worlds that can be explored freely.

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Since this takes place in space, Starfield could possibly have multiple planets, spaceships, and even deep space habitats like large space stations or ports. The speculation is endless, but whatever suits the genre of sci-fi is probably a possibility for Bethesda.

8 Confirmed: Inspired By Space-X

When Todd Howard was interviewed about Starfield, he actually stated that in order to gather some valuable inspiration he toured the Space-X facilities. This means much of the game will probably have highly realistic features and a style that's close to real space technology.

However, those concerned about the game becoming a simulation or far too technical should not worry too much, because Todd has stated he wants to make sure the game is still fun and fluid to play, without mechanics that feel too complicated and heavy.

7 Likely: Elements From Star Trek

You might be surprised to find out that, once upon a time, Bethesda actually bought the rights to make a Star Trek game. While the idea never went through, the company seems to have never given up on creating a big science-fiction title.

While many of the fantasy sci-fi elements from Star Trek aren't in line with how Todd Howard envisions Starfield, we can probably expect at least some aspects to be inspired by the science-fiction epic, whether it be alien species or strange exoplanets.

6 Confirmed: F76's Engine But Better

As with every new game that comes out, it's always interesting to see how far the developers are able to go with what they have. Todd Howard has confirmed that the engine used for Starfield will have big similarities with the one used in Fallout 76, which has gone through tons of graphics and engine updates over the past year since its release.

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The typical Bethesda engine will therefore still be there, but most likely it will be stronger and better, hopefully with fewer bugs compared to Fallout 76 at launch.

5 Likely: RPG Similar To Fallout & Skyrim

It's been confirmed that much like Skyrim and Fallout 4, Bethesda's Starfield will be an RPG sci-fi game. This means that we can most likely expect some form of character creation mode where we design our ideal space dweller, along with a skill tree with various perks that unlock as players level up and grind through the story.

Players will no doubt have the option to make their adventurer just the way they like, depending on what type of skill build they go for. Since it's an RPG, dialogue options should also be a central part of the quests, as well as character progression and various factions or groups you can join, in typical Bethesda fashion.

4 Confirmed: Single-Player & New Mechanics

For those who were severely traumatized by the disappointment that was Fallout 76, you can breathe easy, because Starfield won't feature the same kind of multiplayer experience. In fact, it's so far unclear whether multiplayer will be an option at all, but it's highly unlikely.

Moreover, there will be tons of new in-game mechanics introduced in Starfield that haven't been seen in previous Bethesda games. What these might be is a mystery, but it could involve space shipbuilding or even piloting a space vessel.

3 Likely: Next-Gen Consoles & Machines

Like with every new game, there's always the burning question of what the system requirements might be and which consoles will have the chance to see its release. So far, no consoles have been confirmed, although speculation suggests Starfield might be planned for next-gen machines.

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This would put the game release back to 2021 when next-gen consoles are expected to release. For the time being, however, Starfield has only been confirmed for PC and we can only imagine how high the system requirements might be for a sci-fi piece with an upgraded game engine.

2 Confirmed: Dangerous Space Travel

One of the biggest aspects of Starfield will be space travel, but it's unclear to what extent it will be possible and what shape this mechanic will take. Todd Howard has stated that space travel will be difficult in Starfield, and will require loads of work in order to be done well.

Similarly to flying during the 1940s, space travel will have its own risks and dangers that players will be confronting. This brings up the question of fast travel and the open-world environment in Starfield: Where is the game set and how much traveling will be available? Hopefully, we get more answers in next year's E3.

1 Likely: Numerous DLCs

Starfield wouldn't be a typical Bethesda game if it didn't include any DLC. Bethesda has seen tons of success with these add-on content packs to big games like Skyrim and Fallout 4.

It's therefore extremely likely that Starfield will see its universe expanded through a few DLC packs, ones that could introduce new areas, factions, or major storylines that further develop the world and lore. Whatever the case might be, we're very excited to see what's in store for Starfield.

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