With the big three game companies all gearing up for the next generation – Nintendo in particular with the Wii U expected to make a showing at this year’s E3 – many developers are also preparing titles that will appear on and possibly help sell these new consoles.

Bethesda is just one of these developers – with the company now hiring for a new game.

On the Bethesda Softworks page of Gamasutra, there is a job listing for “Quest Designer,” indicating that the company is hiring for a new game. Some of the details for this position include: “design and document stories and quests for future next generation projects,” requires “excellent storytelling, dialogue writing, and editing skills,” and “experience with The Elder Scrolls Construction Set or GECK a plus.”

While things can certainly change, we can infer from the above: the new title will be next-gen, it will be an RPG, and it may or may not be connected to another Bethesda series.

The evidence of a next-gen title rules out the possibility of any relation to the recently announced Elder Scrolls Online, but the mention of requiring experience with the Elder Scrolls Construction Set may indicate that the game is somewhat related to the series overall. Though an Elder Scrolls VI would be a very large conclusion to jump to, a game that is somewhat related to Skyrim wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility – given the title’s immense success and popularity.

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However, the sentence also mentions that having experience with GECK would also be “a plus” – not an outright full requirement. GECK is the construction set for Bethesda’s other big-name RPG, the Fallout franchise, which may lead some to think that this could be a new game in that series. What with Bethesda’s focus on Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls series right now, perhaps a Fallout 4 would be more likely.

Still, there also exists the possibility that this is a completely new RPG, unrelated to both series, but would sill use one of their construction sets – or a mixture of the two. A new generation of games means new IPs trying to make their mark in the gaming industry, and a new RPG from a trusted company like Bethesda as a launch title for one of these new systems would guarantee solid sales.

What do you make of the job posting? Will we be seeing a new entry in an established Bethesda series or a new RPG entirely?

Source: Gamasutra [via PlayStationLifestyle]